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Cheat codes for War Breeds

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War Breeds Master Cheat List
While playing, press CAPSLOCK, then hold CTRL and type SPAMSPAMSPAMHUMBUG. Press CAPSLOCK (the light is now off), press F9, and enter the cheats (all lower case):

Effect Code Full map set none Enable mini-map (need listener) minimap on Disable mini-map minimap off Maximum CGK level cgk max All croplands have pods crop pop Kill all pods on map crop kill Earthquake egg boy returns Set character as indicated player set Kill selected unit kill Kill indicated player kill Re-map key to cheat bind Spawn object at location place Object name
  • refinery
  • gene lab
  • adv gene lab
  • psi
  • adv psi
  • listener
  • warp
  • summoner
  • relay
  • adv relay
  • healer
  • turret
  • adv turret
  • electric
  • collector
  • mine
  • pod
  • spore
  • weed
  • t1 (Tanu Shaman)
  • t2 (Tanu Scout)
  • t3 (Tanu Raptor)
  • t4 (Tanu Ophidian)
  • t5 (Tanu Jubjub)
  • k1 (Kelika Shaman)
  • k2 (Kelika Thumper)
  • k3 (Kelika Mongrel)
  • k4 (Kelika Behemoth)
  • k5 (Kelika Leviathan)
  • s1 (Sen-Soth Shaman)
  • s2 (Sen-Soth Snipe)
  • s3 (Sen-Soth Myrmidon)
  • s4 (Sen-Soth Dhuganaya)
  • s5 (Sen-Soth Aphid)
  • m1 (Magha Shaman)
  • m2 (Magha Shadow)
  • m3 (Magha Dervish)
  • m4 (Magha Reaver)
  • m5 (Magha Viper)

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