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Cheat codes for X-COM: Interceptor

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X-COM: Interceptor Cheat Codes
To activate a cheat, press [Ctrl] + E (or W) until the tone. Then enter its code below.
Cheat Code10,000,000 credits PAYDAYAll research KNOWITALLComplete all bases that are under construction QUICKBASEInvincibility CANTTOUCHTHISNo aliens JOYRIDESide mission: Arms Dealer SMARMSSide mission: Corporate Reconnaissance SMRECONSide mission: Nova Bomb SMNOVASide mission: Pirate Base Rescue SMRESCUESide mission: Rogue Freighter SMROGUEUnlimited flight range FILLERUP

X-COM: Interceptor In-flight Cheats
To activate cheats, you must first enable In-flight mode. (press [Ctrl] + E until the tone. Then type: BATTLECHEAT.) Thereafter, enter the corresponding shortcut key for the desired effect.
Cheat Shortcut KeyCycle weapons [Alt] + XDestroy targeted object [Alt] + ~Disable target [Alt] + 2

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