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Kartia Level 20 Characters
First, this code only works in the females story(to my knowledge). Inchapter 2 beat all the enemies so only Zakuro is left. Then corner him.He will just keep creating phantom miles. Have one character keepattacking the phantoms until they are at level 20. This is also good forgetting the secret phantom items. It is easier if you make a clear gamesave from Toxas quest, so you can use the weapons.

Kartia Level 20 easy with Toxa
In chapter 7 (when you fight Cross) defeat all the Phantoms except the onesnear Cross. When all the other Phantoms are dead, start attacking the onesnear Cross, but don't kill Cross himself. Once you kill off enoughPhantoms, Cross will just keep on making them. Stand just near Cross's movelimit and wait there. When the he creates the Phantoms they will just moveup to attack you. Kill them off and continue waiting. Cross will do thisforever. Level all your people up to 20 and then kill Cross.

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