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Cheat codes for Final Fight One

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Unlock secrets

During the game, you will slowly earn fighting points. These fighting points go towards unlocking secrets in the game. A a total of 2000 points is required to open up everything. Each level gives you about 50 to 100 points, ranging from the first to sixth level. The secrets open in the following order:

Extra lives: Extend up to 9 lives.

Stage Select : 1 through 6.

Color change for all characters: Also opens up Alpha Guy and Alpha Cody as two new characters. They look exactly like the ones in the Alpha series.

Rapid punch: Allows you to hold Attack to punch rapidly.

Stage 5: Restore life bar

When you are halfway through the stage (after you leave the messed up bathrooms), there should be a dog that appears. When you see it, get close to him as possible and walk up and down from him. You will regain life back. Sometimes he will give you all your life back in one stroke.

Extra gems and items

Turn your back to a barrel or other object can be destroyed. Quickly turn around and hit it.

This trick only works on rolling barrels. When you see them appear on screen, allow them to get a little close to you (but not close enough to knock you down). Then, do your special attack. Not every barrel has an item, but two thirds of them should.

Character recommendation

The best character to choose if you want to survive longer is Guy. Guy is the lightest and can be very quick.

Alpha Cody and Alpha Guy

Press Left or Right at the character selection screen to choose those fighters. Alpha Cody is bigger, and Alpha Guy is stronger.

Change control settings

Pause game play and hold L + R + B + A.

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