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Cheat codes for Madagascar

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Madagascar Cheat: All Power-Ups
While playing input CIRCLE, CROSS, CROSS, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, L1, SQUARE, R1, L1. (unverified)

Madagascar Cheat: Invulnerability
While playing input UP, DOWN, CROSS, CROSS, R1, L1, R2, L2, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE. (unverified)

Madagascar Cheat Stage Select
While playing input R1, R1, CIRCLE, L2, L1, CROSS, TRIANGLE, R1, TRIANGLE. (Unverified)

Madagascar Hint - Sticking Points
On the level Jungle Banquet, the mini game "Find the Flowers" the black flowers are on a step of the cave thing behind the hole.

On the level "Save the Lemurs" where you go on the "Perfectly Safe Trail" with Alex you need to go ahead and kill the foosa before the lemurs come.

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