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Radiata Stories Unlockable: Ganz's Theme
You must go and kick the Dresser in Ganz's Room in Radiata Castle.

Radiata Stories Unlockable: Jack's Theme
You must go and kick the Crate in Jack's House.

Radiata Stories Unlockable: Lenneth Valkyrie
You must complete the optional dungeon "Corridor of Distortion". After that, Lenneth will join you after the battle.

Radiata Stories Unlockable: Ridley's Theme
You must go and kick the Dresser in Ridley's Room in Radiata's Castle.

Radiata Stories Unlockable: Picture of Ganz, Ridley, and Jack
You must find all the friends and complete the friends list opens an option in the friends list called Extra. Selecting that shows an image with Ganz, Ridley, and Jack.

Radiata Stories Unlockable: Corridor of Distortion Song
It randomly drops from monsters in the region.

Radiata Stories Unlockable: Paya Paya Dance
Defeat Pinky.

Radiata Stories Unlockable: Dragon Lair Cave Theme
It randomly drops from monsters in the region.

Radiata Stories Unlockable: Dragon Radian Theme
Defeat Dragon Radian.

Radiata Stories Unlockable: Gold Dragon Castle
Defeat random monsters in Dragon Lair.

Radiata Stories Hint: Easy Dagol
The first time you get to go to the goblins' place at Shangri La, you will come to a fork in the road. look at the top part of the fork and you will see a golden bug. Simply kick it and fight it. You get only 1 experience but you will get 8,888 dagols. Go back to town and sleep. Then teleport back there and the enemy should be there again. Fight it multiple times and you will have few money problems.

Radiata Stories Hint: Fayt Liengod Armor
Speak to Dynas after defeating the wind dragon and he will allow you back into the knights. Once you have this event secured, go to Ridley's room and there will be a ghost like figure and the screen will flash. After that Jack will wake up in his room and have an armor that looks like Fayt from Star Ocean 3.

Radiata Stories Hint - Fight Ethereal Queen
I had a lot of trouble the first two fights with the Etheral Queen and looked up on here that you must be at least lvl 99. I'm sorry but thats not true, I kept reading the other boards and it kept on saying they were on the non-human side, (believe me wasnt much of a help for me, since I chose human).

First things first go to the maze-ish stairs place and remember the way to her Path of Chaos. Go to that maze-ish place right after midnight kill everything in sight and get to the Path of Chaos. But remember DO NOT GO IN YET, by the time you get to her place it should be roughly about 12. Head back down and get out of the damned place, go home and save and stalk up on nectars and healing items.

I set my ability to STOP AFFILICTION, which didnt really help (so just put anything you feel like). My team was lvl 93 Jack, lvl 89 Curtis, lvl 90 Valkyrie, and lvl 91 Kain. (these three characters are immune to affilictions, which is a great advantage for this fight). I just made Valkyrie fight along side with Curtis. and made Kain just heal Curtis since Curtis gets hit often.

The Ethereal Queen will run around wacking and shoot needles and do some meteor dances, homing magic thingy, and for her strongest magic Armagedon, which blows everything up that lights up on the ground and WILL KILL YOU NO MATTER WHAT YOUR HP. Let Val and Curtis, fight and make Kain heal as much as possible, you (Jack) just run around the purple ring on the stage.

When she does come try to cause your wonderful death, just run the opposite direction she is coming from and take the target off (R1) so you can have a decent idea of where the heck your going. Somtimes for me that little prick attacked me with that needly thingy and stoped me just move you analog stick like mad and run and if you need it cure your life.

When ever your team member dies, keep reviving and use the Full Cure on all team member thingy (majigy). The Queen will somtimes do Armagedon twice in a row which is very very annoying. When your volty gauge is full use Val's Volty Blast ONLY. Eventually you should be able to beat her.

Radiata Stories How To Recruit All Guild Leaders
To recruit Elwen you must recruit all members of theater Vancoor. Then talk to her from 11:30 PM to 7:00 AM in her office. She will challenge you. Defeat her and she can be recruited.

To recruit Curtis you must recruit all members of the Vareth Magic Institute and then speak to him when he is in the observatory.

To recruit Kain you must recruit all Olacian Order members then talk to him.

To recruit Nyx you must first recruit Ortoroz. Speak to Nyx in the Void Community Abyss with all other guild leaders in your party and then defeat him in the subsquent battle.

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