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Cheat codes for Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams

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Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams Hint: Animals
  • Use the animals you come across to help you with your quest.
  • The skunk stink will scare animals away, usually in a direction that will benefit you.
  • The bear will lie down under a bee hive and lick up the dripping honey. Jump on his belly to gain new heights, or jump on his belly until he picks you up and throws you across gaps that are too wide to jump.
  • Beavers will chew up trees to make bridges to jump across.
  • You can ride a wild boar to smash through gates or fallen logs to reveal new areas or potion ingredients.

Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams Hint: Woodies
In the real world you will face Woodies, creatures made up of pieces of wood. Whenever you see a shaman, kill him because he will keep putting the Woodies back together after you've destroyed them.

Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams Hint: Feathers
Collect feathers for health. Feathers reappear after you have past by them, so you can go back to get build up your heath if needed. Feathers will also lead the way to were it is you need to go. Orange feathers indicate an unexplored area, grey feathers say that you have already been there.

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