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Cheat codes for UFC: Sudden Impact

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UFC: Sudden Impact Unlockable List
  • Win HW title a second time: Bas Rutten
  • Win LHW Title: Frank Shamrock
  • Win LHW title a second time: Guy Mezger
  • Win Championship Road LW title: Jens Pulver
  • Win LHW title a third time: Jeremy Horn
  • Win HW title a third time: Mark Coleman
  • Win HW title: Maurice Smith
  • Win Championship Road MW title: Murilo Bustamante
  • Win HW title a fifth time: Pete Williams
  • Win HW title a fourth time: Tsyoshi Kohsaka
  • View the "You Lose" screen 50 times: Big John McCarthy
  • Win over 40 times in arcade mode: The Mask

UFC: Sudden Impact Unlockable: Legend Mode
Win championship mode to unlock a new move and legend mode for that player.

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