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Cheat codes for V-Rally 3

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V-Rally 3 Cheat List
Enter numbers as the first name and text as the second name.
  • Hovercraft cars: 210741974 MARTY
  • Mini cars: 01041977 BIGJIM
  • Wiggly Cars: 07121974 FERGUS
  • Flat Cars: 21051975 PTITDAV
  • Real Physics: REAL WHEEL
  • Squishy cars: 25121975 PILOU
  • Stretched and Skewed Cars: Gonzales SPEEDY
  • High Pitched Commentary: Leave a blank space forthe first name and use PALACH as the last name.

V-Rally 3 Unlock Cars
  • SEAT Cordoba Repsol - Beat the challenge mode.
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI - Win the 1.6L championship in career mode.
  • Subaru Impreza 2000 - Win the 2.0L championship in career mode.
  • Toyota Corolla V-Rally - Set a record time on all circuits.

V-Rally 3 Unlock Licenses
  • Level 2 License - Win the 2.0L championship twice.
  • Level 3 License - Win the 2.0L championship four times.

V-Rally 3 Unlockable: Reversed Tracks
Beat the record on all four tracks in each country.

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