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Cheat codes for Vampire Night

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Vampire Night Unlock Free Play
To unlock Free Play for Arcade Mode, beat all the Training Missions.

Vampire Night Hint: Unlock Hunters Files
Unlock the different Hunter's Files by doing the following:

  • Player-Character Files - Finish Arcade Mode (multiple times)
  • Enemy Files - Kill/meet enemies (any mode except Training Mode).
  • Boss Files - Kill Bosses in all modes, including Training Mode.
  • Item Files - Buy/earn each item in Special mode.
  • Miscellaneous Files - Finish all missions in Special mode and complete Training Mode.

    Vampire Night Hint: Money Maker
    The Silver Earring is the best accessory to use (only one player needs to equip it) since each barrel shot drops a $100 ingot. The Holy Earring is too random to be helpful. You can "conserve" money by buying the Silver Badge first (sold items give 20% more money) before buying the Member's Badge (items cost 10% less money). This helps when trying to buy expensive weapons like the 92.5% Silver Bullet.

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