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Cheat codes for Blazing Heroes

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Blazing Heroes Hidden Town
Batlum is a hidden town that is only accessible with the White Ray. Fly over the west coast until you see a town with a stone building at the end and land there (place the bird's shadow over the town and press A.) In Batlum you can pick up some weapons, fight in a special arena, and try your hand at the "Maze of Trials" (watch out for holes in the floor!)

Blazing Heroes Secret Item
Go to the place in the map (A little bit South-West from the center) where it says youcan't enter the forest. When you get thismessage you should see a fortress in thedistance. Enter the town slightly to thesouth, and enter one of the civilian houses.Talk to the mother there and she will askyou to rescue her kidnapped daughter. Exit the town and summon White Ray. Fly to the fortress and exit White Ray from there. Enter the fortress and rescue the girl and return her to the girls mother, and you fill find the girl is enamored with Raiko. Returnto the house several times until the girl gives a secret item to Raiko.

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