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Bug! Extra Continues
To perform this trick you'll need to earn 3 continues by completing Insectia. When you've run out of continues and returned to the "Press Start" screen, press Right + Start. Press Right + Start again at the main menu.

Bug! Level Select
Played until your eyes bugged out but can't escapeReptilia? This code will put the polish back on your antennae in no time. At the main menu, press B, A, B, Y, Down, Right, A, L, Down. To use the trick, start playing then hold L + Up to advance a level or L + Down to backup a level.

Bug! Infinite Lives
At the main menu press A, C, B, B, Down, Right, Up.

Bug! Invincibility
Enter the Level Select code, then play until you have only one life and then go to the swamp level boss section (Splot boss.) Fall into the water. At the same time as you hit the water, switch levels (press L-shift + Down). If done corectly you should enter the next level with 0 lives. This prevents you from dying from causes other than falling off the map. As long as you don't pick up any extra lives you will remain invincible.

Bug! Play Previous Levels
To resume play from a level you've been to, hold Up + Start to begin your game. A menu will list the levels you've been to and the number of times you can resume play from each level.

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