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Cheat codes for Christmas NiGHTS

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Christmas NiGHTS Acrobatic Techniques
Here's a more-or-less complete list of acrobatic techniques. The numbers below indicate the direction in which Nights is facing.
6 8 4 2 10 Nights 1 3 9 5 7 In the tables below, Move is the move to be performed, Direction is the direction as indicated above, and Button is the trigger to be pressed to execute the move.
Move Direction ButtonTwister 1 RParasol 2 RRoulette R 3 RArrow 4 RScrew 5 RTornado 6 RV-Fall 7 RAx R 8 RTyphoon 9 RWind 10 RMove Direction ButtonMixer 1 LDance 2 LRoulette L 3 LL-Wing 4 LBasket 5 LBallet 6 LT-Fall 7 LAx L 8 LDrill 9 LSpace 10 LMove Direction ButtonSwing 1 R + LMoon 2 R + LCross 3 R + LRock'n Roll 4 R + LTriangle 5 R + LBoomerang 6 R + LSpin 7 R + LSling 8 R + LSonic 9 R + LScorpion 10 R + L

Christmas NiGHTS Disable the Alarm Egg
It is possible to knock the Alarm Egg down by jumping at it. If you manage to knock it into the purple 'sea' surrounding each level, then leg it up the nearest hill, the Alarm Egg should go away for at least two minutes!
Note: On some early versions of NiGHTS, if you knock the Egg too far the game crashes with the error "Object ALARMEGG escaping off edge of map."

Christmas NiGHTS Extra Move while Performing Stunts
If you start doing a stunt or loop just before you enter the 'power loop' you still get credit for it when you complete it.

Christmas NiGHTS Hyper Jump
Jump then hit Jump before landing. While in the air from your Bounce Jump, hit Jump again. You should hear the sound that you hear when the Nightmaren take your Ideyas. Repeat this and you can reach goodies that NiGHTS can not! You can even cut across your dreams in 10 seconds flat.

Christmas NiGHTS Special Dates
Christmas NiGHTS changes its appearance based on the date and time. Here are a few special dates to try throughout the year:
Date Effect12/25/1996 Santa Claus cameo01/01/1997 Happy New Year message02/14/1997 Valentine's hearts04/01/1997 Play as Reala

Christmas NiGHTS Skin of Your Teeth Bonus
If you finish a Mare (enter the Ideya palace with the Ideya) when the timer is below 19, you often get a better grade than when there is a lot of time left.

Christmas NiGHTS Hide from the Alarm Egg
The Alarm Egg cannot get you if you stand on a platform which is above another area.

Christmas NiGHTS Picture Files
If you place Christmas Nights into a PC or Mac CD-rom drive and look on the disk, you will find a folder titled 'Extra'. If you open this folder you will find two more folders titled '16m' and '256'. These two are duplicates of the other. Inside the folders you will find two BMP files that are viewable on your computer. These pictures show (Christmas) Nights, Chris and Clara.

Christmas NiGHTS Special Times
Christmas NiGHTS changes its appearance based on the date and time. Here are a few special times to try during the winter months (November thru February):
Time Effect3:00 am Lunar eclipse6:00 am Northern Lights7:00 am Bright sun9:00 am Crescent moons12:00 pm Rainbows, clouds & confetti3:00 pm Candy6:00 pm Strange stars9:00 pm Bright stars12:00 am Hearts

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