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Cheat codes for Crusader: No Remorse

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Crusader: No Remorse Health and Weapons
At the level pass code screen, type "L0SR". You will see an invalid code message. Start a new game or reload a saved game. While playing, press A + B + C to get full health and energy. Press X + Y + Z to get all weapons and reload the RP-22 or RP-32.

Crusader: No Remorse Hidden Pictures
To view some black and white pictures, enter the password XXXX.

Crusader: No Remorse Special Board
Enter the password "LRTN" for a peak at the game developers.

Crusader: No Remorse Passwords
Mama's BoyMission 02:FWQPMission 03:PLRQMission 04:SZNFMission 05:TD5SMission 06:J1BTMission 07:K2CVMission 08:N3DWMission 09:M4FXMission 10:X5GZMission 11:C6H0Mission 12:D7J1Mission 13:F8K2Mission 14:FGK3Mission 15:JFM4Realtime level:LRTNWeekend WarriorMission 02:GWQPMission 03:QLRQMission 04:TZNFMission 05:VD5SMission 06:K1BTMission 07:L2CVMission 08:P3DWMission 09:N4FXMission 10:Z5GZMission 11:D6H0Mission 12:F7JIMission 13:G8K2Mission 14:GGL3Mission 15:KMF4Realtime Level:MRTNLoose Cannon:Mission 02:HWQPMission 03:RLRQMission 04:VZNFMission 05:WD5SMission 06:L1BTMission 07:M2CVMission 08:Q3DWMission 09:P4FXMission 10:05GZMission 11:F6H0Mission 12:G7J1Mission 13:H8K2Mission 14:HGL3Mission 15:LFM4Realtime Level:NRTNNo RemorseMission 02:JWQPMission 03:SLRQMission 04:WZNFMission 05:XD5Smission 06:M1BTMission 07:N2CVMission 08:R3DWMission 09:Q4FXMission 10:15GZMission 11:G6H0Mission 12:H7J1Mission 13:J8K2Mission 14:JGL3Mission 15:MFM4Realtime Level:PRTN

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