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Cheat codes for Cyber Speedway

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Cyber Speedway Hide Gauges
For a clearer view of the road, you can hide the gauges by pressing A+B+C while racing.

Cyber Speedway Shortcut in Terra 2
When you come across the big lake turn to your right and there will be a road. Follow the road until you come across the normal route.

Cyber Speedway Shortcut in Armasatelles 2
To find the shortcut in Armasatelles 2 you have to accelerate until the big jump then exactly when your sled passes the gap, turn right.
Be careful: There are land mines on this road.

Cyber Speedway Shortcut in Glacia 2
When you come out of the tunnel go straight and look to your left for a tunnel. Drive through the tunnel and you'll out near the spikes.
To get to another shortcut you must turn right at the beginning before the first fall it will take you to the part after the first missile.

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