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Cheat codes for Dark Savior

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Dark Savior Defeat Balan
Having a hard time beating Balan? Having a hard time getting behind him? Why bother, turn your self around. When Balan approaches give him a good back kick. A back kick will dramatically drain Balan, just as much as hitting him from behind.

Dark Savior Gold Badges
After you beat a parallel, wait until the end of the credits. It will ask you if you want to save your game. Say yes, and you will get a gold roman numeral badge for the parallel you beat.

Dark Savior Guide to the Parallels
Which parallel you follow depends on your performance in the introduction. Here's how to access each:
  • Parallel 1: Get to the captain's cabin after 4:30
  • Parallel 2: Get to the captain's cabin between 3:30 and 4:29
  • Parallel 3: Get to the captain's cabin before 3:29
  • Parallel 4: Automatically follows parallel 3
  • Parallel 5: Get to the captain's cabin between 3:30 and 4:29, but lose the fight

Dark Savior 4,000,000 Points
For more points than you'll ever need go to Death Valley where the green spiked balls are flying over the platform. Be sure to have between 70 and 90 points but not at 80 or the tactic will not work. Save your game, then hit yourself on the green balls until you have 5 HP. Do not fall in the water!
Next stand by the edge and let one of the green balls knock you into the water. When Jack helps you out you will have 0HP but you will still be alive. Ask Jack twice to refill your life and you will have between 10 and 30 HP. Go back to the green balls again and it will drop your life down to 75 from 80. Then refill your life again (do not use the meat). If you had 10-19 then when you go back to the menu there will be all of your new BH points! If you had 21-30 then just get hit again and refill then all the points will work! Go ahead and fill up to have a maximum of 200HP instead of 80HP!
Note: This trick usually works the first time, but if it didn't, go to another fight, earn more points and repeat the steps.

Dark Savior Hidden Game
Remember the big box-like shape in the middle of one of the rooms on the ship? Start game in parallel 3 and go back down to the room with the game machine. Now you can play Love Love Mini Racer.

Dark Savior Mine Cart Views
During the mine cart race you are able to switch views. Press Right Shift for a first-person view of this roller-coaster. Press Left Shift to return to normal.

Dark Savior Piano Mode
Go to the Sound Test and press X, Y, Z. A piano at the bottom of the screen will plays each tune and you can watch it as you listen to the songs.

Dark Savior Two-Player Mode
After you beat parallel 5, you can make it two-player mode by entering parallel 5 again.

Dark Savior Playing Tip
This little tip might help all of those who can't reach the captain's cabin under 3:30 min. time. I will call it:
After entering the room with Musashi in the cage and the 'Record Kaiser in the upper corner climb up the stair. You will end up in the room with the rotating boxes on the platforms. Instead of climbing up the ladder, try this:
On the right side of the room you see a tan coloured box. Move it away by hitting it with your sword twice. You reveal a hidden passage. Jump into the hole to find yourself back in the 'Musashi Room' on top of somecages. Enter the doorway left of you to leave the ship. Jack will give you some advice because he is concerned about some shark or so. Ignore him turm to the right and follow the passage outside and around the ship. It will take some jumps and ladder climbing but then you are at a place which seems to be a dead end. Simply cut through the rope at the right, then jump down. Climb the ladder and break through the door by hacking at it three times. Jump into the hole and now it takes 7 more jumps and you end up in the room just underneath the shipsdeck.
Taking this way saves a lot time because it avoids the nasty rotating platform and the room with the crane where you are supposed to play wrecker. I was able to manage the whole way from the start to the captains cabin in under 3 minutes.

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