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Cheat codes for Hang-On GP

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Hang-On GP Mirror Tracks and Endurance Race
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what's the longest race of all? Find out for yourself by coming in first in all tracks. If you can win all the races, you'll be able to play on mirror versions of your favorite tracks and compete in a special Endurance race.

Hang-On GP Ride the Super Cycle
Win the cup on any course, then go back and beat that record by at least 1 minute and 29 seconds to get the Super Cycle.

Hang-On GP Special Course Select
On the Options screen, enter Mode Select and move to Options. Press R, R, L, R, R to race any course.

Hang-On GP Access the Hidden Silver Bike
When finishing the game in GP Race, you willunlock the Endurance race, win the first couple tracks in first rank(Albatross Cliff Reef, Crimson Wall). Then you will unlock thehidden silver bike, the statistics of this bike are all at full that makesit the most powerful bike in the game.

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