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Cheat codes for Knuckles Chaotix

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Knuckles Chaotix 50,000 Point Bonus
When you are able to collect all the chaos rings, the special stage entrance still appears after collecting fifty rings. This time, the stage appears in a wire frame form which makes it harder. Finish the stage and you get 50,000 points!

Knuckles Chaotix Cut the Cord
In Botanic Base, it is easier to beat the boss by losing your partner. This gets rid of that annoying bungee mode and you can just hit the boss from the bottom.

Knuckles Chaotix Different Music in Techno-Tower
In Techno-Tower Zone, Acts 1 and 2, go in a bonus stage, then leave. Right when the screen goes from white to the zone, PRESS PAUSE IMMEDIATELY! This will let you play with different music from another Zone for the rest of the act!

Knuckles Chaotix Easy Chaos Rings
Start a game and save through Manual Save. Go through the level and play the special stage. If you win, exit the game at the world entrance to save. If you don't win the Ring, hit RESET. Your loss will not be counted neither will your passing the level. With this, you can have all five Chaos Ringsand only have passed five levels!

Knuckles Chaotix Playing Tip
When choosing characters it's best to consider what you need for the next level. For example, if you're after raw speed the combination of Mighty and Espieo can't be beat. For power, Hevey and Espieo are your best bet, and for moments when you need both (like fighting bosses) try Charmie and Hevey.

Knuckles Chaotix Remove the Bungee code in Marina Madness
In Marina Madness Zone, get rid of your partner. Then quickly find a yellow ship button that will move a ship. Step on it, and you will play without the bungee cord for the rest of the act.

Knuckles Chaotix Stereo/Mono and Tempo Control
On the Sound Test screen you can use buttons X and Y to select MONO or STEREO sound and change the tempo of the music.

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