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Cheat codes for R.B.I. Baseball 95

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R.B.I. Baseball '95 Bonus Team
To play as the Warner Corporate team, enter the password AQYFFKOTOKHT. Select your team lineup and begin playing ball. You should see Warner at the top of the team lineup with all the members of the corporate team!

R.B.I. Baseball '95 Final Game Password
To play the final game as the All Stars vs. Kansas City, enter the password "BU3AZURHZURC".

R.B.I. Baseball '95 Playing Tips
Use all of your resources, such as the hit and run, and the squeeze. These are all things that can catch the CPU or your opponent off guard and maybe start a big inning.
When Pitching, vary the throws so your opponent is unable to predict your style of pitching. Try a fast ball on the inside corner, then follow-up with a slow outside curve ball to totally confuse the batter. Also vary the speeds that you throw the ball. For example, you can throw a fastball at three different speeds: Fast, Slow, and Medium. Doing this will totally confuse your opponents and help you keep them off guard.
For double-plays, squeeze plays, or bunts, use your Strategy Option (Pause screen) to adjust your infield to match the situation. (This screen will reset after each batter.)
Have a good eye -- watch the ball and never swing at the first pitch. Always take the first pitch so you can see where that particular pitcher is setting up to pitch. When hitting don't swing at pitches in the dirt or above the batter's chest. Let the pitches come to the strike zone or the cursor. (The cursor appears in veteran/all-star.)
Be very aggressive on the base paths. Every time you get on base use this to distract the pitcher as much as you can. Lead off the bag you are on, and if you feel like the pitch is going to be a strike send the runner. Remember that when you send a runner, a defensive player has to cover the bag you are attempting to steal, which in turn opens a big hole in the infield. Shoot for that hole.
Always start off with the batting/pitching levels at 'Rookie'. This will allow you to become used to the distance the ball needs to be from the plate in order to hit the ball. You can move the levels up to Veteran, or All Star as you gain proficiency. This will tighten up your hitting skills, which you will need when hitting against some of the best pitchers in the game.
If you want to save your progress in a season (or Play-off), simply finish the first game and view the stats. Then when you return to the Daily Schedule screen, you will see the game score for the game you just played. Press Start and the Daily Schedule Screen will go to the next day. The season or play-off should now be saved in the battery back-up. (Be sure you are in the next day of the season.)

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