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Cheat codes for Star Wars Arcade

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Star Wars Arcade Pause
To pause the game, press Start on a 6-button controller. This may seem obvious, but I've been asked how to do this several times, so I assume it's not in the manual.

Star Wars Arcade Playing Tip
For extra shields, choose a two-player game (even if your the only one playing). This will give you one more shield. For extra firepower, hold C on Controller Two while you play. Stepping on it with your toe ought to work.

Star Wars Arcade Sound Test
For a musical interlude, pause the game and press Up, Right, Left, A, Down, C.

Star Wars Arcade Unlimited Time
To turn off the timer, pause the game and press Down, B, B, Up, Right, Left. This code requires a six-button controller.

Star Wars Arcade Clock Stop
If you want to stop the timer do as follows: pause the game. With a 6 button controler press down, B, b, up, right, left. You'll hear a Yahoo. Then unpause the game and the clock is stopped.

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