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Cheat codes for T-Mek

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T-Mek Bonus Meks
For access to six beefed-up mechs, enter your name as one of the following:
Name MekBaked Baked's Assault MekShocka Shoka's Hyper MekVenusiva Venusiva's Stealth MekPhantom Phantom's Suicide MekBrk'oth Brk'oth's Lurker MekNazrac Nazrac's Mek

T-Mek Fight the Bosses
To change the drone meks into the bosses during tournament mode, enter your name as WARLORDS.

T-Mek Sauron Cameo
On the "Storm Rift" level you can find Sauron (the dinosaur from Primal Rage) deep inside one of the cracks in the wall. Look around for two stones close to one crack. Destroy the stones, then enter the opening and bump all the walls. Eventually you'll pass through one and enter a tight corridor. Follow it until you come to a right turn. Keep going to find Sauron.

T-Mek Unlimited Special Weapons
On the Options screen, select sound test #4, then press the A, B, and C buttons repeatedly. When you enter your name, he says "Excellent!" and you have unlimited special weapons on any standard ship (not the bosses.)
Alternatively, start a new game and enter your name as "Slayer".

T-Mek Hidden Finale Arena
To fight in an Atari Classics Arena heres what to do. First there areactually 3 Saurons. The first is in the storm rift. The second is in theStone Web. He is behind a false wall on the outer edge of the arena-wherethe outer wall bends slightly. The last is in the Aliens Nest. He is onthe outer edge of the arena-You must shoot a bunch of columns and weaveyour way through some "watchers"(those eye columns) to find him. You MUST destroy all three saurons and defeat Nazrac to get to this arena.It will appear after the credits. I recommend setting the time to 360 soyou can find them all and still get enough kills to win.

T-Mek Cheats
Enter the following names for these effects.Name EffectKLUG All opponents are Shocka BOONE Start on Middle RungPROSSER Unlimited Offensive WeaponsSTARK All opponents are VenusivaTORRENS Unlimited Defensive PowerFORD All opponents are NazracGRIGSBY All Opponents are PhantomSOLDANO Start on Top RungKRUSE Start on FinalsMITZI Start on Brk'oth OWEN Start on VenusivaARVAY Start on ShockaBEAUMONT Start on Phantom

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