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Cheat codes for WWF Raw

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WWF Raw Change Stats
To change any wrestlers' attributes (including Kwang's), go to the View Stats screen and enter one of these codes.
Wrestler Code
Kwang Down + A + C
Bret Hart Down/Left + Start
Yokozuna Up + A + C
Luna Vachon Up/Right + C
Undertaker Right + Start + A
Razor Ramon Left + A + C
Lex Luger Down/Right + Start
Doink Left + Start + A + C
Shawn Michaels Down/Left + A + C
Diesel Down + Start + A + C

WWF Raw Change Stats to 10
After you enter any Change Stats code you will hear a bell and your stats bar will turn blue. Quickly enter one of the codes again and you'll hear another bell. You are now free to increase any of your stats to 10.

WWF Raw Clones
To play as a fighter that's already been chosen, move to that wrestler's selection screen. To activate your selection, hold Start and press Up + A + C.
Note: this code works in four-player games, but you can only have two of any one wrestler.

WWF Raw Play as Kwang
To play as Kwang, press Down + A + B at the Wrestler Select screen. Kwang will appear in the list of wrestlers.

WWF Raw Super Punch
This code will give you fists of steel. At the copyright screen, hold Start, then press Up four times. The screen will flash red and you'll hear a crashing sound.

WWF Raw Switch Partners
In tag team or survivor series matches, you can change partners. On a six- button controller, press C+Z simaltaneously and you will hear the bell ring once. Now you can be anyone on your team (don't forget to tag them first!)

lex luger super punch out of the ring

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