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Cheat codes for Dark Wizard

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Dark Wizard Infinite Sultius Swords
To get the Amazing Sultius Sword (45 attack power, and increases your DS), simply send a search party to the town of Enhas and pray at the church 3 times. This can be repeated as often as required by leaving the town and repeating the trick.

Dark Wizard Quick Level Gain
To have any of your hired characters gain levels and change classes quickly. Simply buy a Power Staff and give it to them (They dont have to equip it), send them out on a search party and have them use it on themselves and gain easy exp without fighting. This is a simple was to bulk up your army when you have captured half the map and have a higher income, but don't want to have to slowly train characters.

Dark Wizard Hidden Items
There are three forests by Sundrek Castle.Send a search party to Tara Castle of any number of people. (Fighter, Mage, Bishop, ect.) Then, once you do that, go up to the middle of Sundrek Castle (where the leader would stand) and if you search there, you should find a Wind Shot. If you look in all 3 forests right by the castle, the top forest should have unlimited balms. and the other 2 should have unlimited herbs.

Dark Wizard Bring in More Troops
Place 5 units, leaving a Castle spot vacant. Then move your character in that spot (cast a spell so as not to waste your move), and you have 4 more slots available for deployment, bringing out 9 units instead of 6.

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