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Cheat codes for Jurassic Park

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Jurassic Park Bad Ending
In the room were you would save your game, put a rock on the computer keyboard then sit back and watch.

Jurassic Park Cheat Menu
To access a special cheat menu, put at least one egg in the incubator, then exit the Computer Room and press Start on Controller Two.

Jurassic Park Infinite Gas Canisters
Go into Muldoon's office and turn to face the office door. Use the tyrannosaurus CD on the black card reader. You will hear the "item collected" sound effect. There are now unlimited gas gun canisters in Muldoon locker.

Jurassic Park Debug
In INT1 (the game start location, with the crashed helicopter), use a rockon the distant shore in the south quadrant. When you find the rightlocation, you will get a bell. This enables the 2nd joypad.The 2nd joypad functions are:
START - load the node jumper (allows you to go to any location in the game)
C btn - gives you all the useful objects for the location you are currently in

Jurassic Park T-Rex vs. Triceritops battle
Go to the Galli Frog Pond (GAL5, where two Gallis are guarding eggs next toa pond). Use the wire cutters on a branch sticking out of the left side ofa tree, next to the path in the south quadrant. You will get a bell if youfind the correct location.The backtrack to the Galli Old Nest (GAL4, where a lone Galli was blockingthe path to GAL5, and where the game's final battle against the Biosyn guysoccurs). You will see a T-Rex and a Triceritops fighting each other in thedistant open plain.NOTE: this will not work after the Biosyn helicopter arrives on the island(because GAL4 then becomes the final battle location). It will also notwork unless you have been to GAL4 at least once before (so the galli herdcan run by).

Jurassic Park Answering Machine Message
Go to Wu's Office. Use the pliers on the answering machine on the desk(next to the computer), and it will play a message left by someone who wasbecoming a dino-snack.

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