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Cheat codes for Lunar: Eternal Blue

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Lunar: Eternal Blue Access the Epilogue
Defeat Zophar and let the credits finish. Now load the game and check the load screen. A new slot called "epilogue" should be there. Load this and enjoy!

Lunar: Eternal Blue Defeat Mansion Enemies
To defeat the enemies in the Haunted Mansion, pay attention to the clues you get.
1st Floor: Wind Hiros - Boomerang Attack normal after their robes disappear.
2nd Floor: Sleep Ronfars - Herbal Wind Attack them only when theyre asleep or you wont hurt them.
3rd Floor: Dance Jeans - Butterfly Dance works to harm any surrounding Bricks so you can harm them with regular attacks.

Lunar: Eternal Blue Out-takes
After you have beaten the game in the Epilogue. Wait about 5-10 minutesand you could hear the out-takes from the game.

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