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Cheat codes for Popful Mail

 Platform: Sega CD User rating: 4.9 Page visits: 2970 
Popful Mail Aura Gear and Gold Armor
After defeating Draquin, King Lipps (bad pun) will give you a gift. DON'T forget to equip these "gifts" on ALL characters at the map part of the next stage, these are the Aura Weapons.
In Maniac Maze in the underwater area swim until you find a Last Chance Shop. A witch is inside and has the Gold Gear(Mail and Gaw) and Sun Items(Tatto) for sale.
Gold Mail and Shield: $6,000Sun Robe and Charm: $6,000Gold Armor and Band: $6,000The Dead Fish swimming around give you a considerable sum, so kill them until you have enough for the gear. You'll NEED it, trust me.

Popful Mail Badger Gang
In Treesun, you'll meet a woman who tells you the "Badger Gang" stole her ring. Remember that empty area in the Elf Woods? Return there after talking to her(or after getting the equipment in the Mine would be better)and take this guy out. For returning the ring you get an Elixyr. And, BTW, this guy isn't a cheese puff like his foot soldiers. He can take a lot of hits even with Gaw's Iron Claw and can summon more soldiers that are a LOT harder than the regulars you encounter.

Popful Mail Bloopers
Complete the game as quickly as possible. When you see the last logo at the end of game, wait for a few minutes. Eventually a new screen will appear and tell you your time, what medal you've won, and play a bloopers sound test from the making of the game. The better your time, the more bloopers you will get to hear.

Popful Mail Escape Venuncio's Trap
In the room Venuncio traps you in are little smiling flames that jump in and out of the lava. Kill each and every one of them and the door will open again.

Popful Mail Test Mode
While playing, go to the Options menu and select QUIT GAME. Then instead of choosing yes or no press Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Right, A. You'll be taken out of the QUIT GAME option. Now go to the Utilities menu and you'll have a new option called TEST MODE.

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