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Racing Aces Secret Warplanes
Besides the three aircrafts you can buy at Bob's Pro Shop in each of the three levels in Racing Season mode, there is one that isn't available from the start. Sometimes you'll notice that one of your opponents has a warplane that you've never seen before, and then you'll begin to wonder, "How do I get that plane?" In order to get it, you must acquire enough cash by winning enough races and destroying your opponents. Once you reach the required amount, you'll be taken to a secret hangar where a stranger will offer you the aircraft.

These are the secret warplanes for each of the three levels:

Barnstormer (LV1) - Gee Bee R1, $250,000
Warbird (LV2) - Messerschmitt 262 Schwalbe, $2,700,000
Jet (LV 3) - X-94 Ultra Jet, $30,000,000

These are the fastest warplanes in the game, at least in their respective levels. If you manage to get your hands on them, you'll be unstoppable.

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