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Cheat codes for Bomberman 93

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Bomberman '93 Cheat Menu
To access a stage-select and power-up configuration menu, play a one-player game until you have 300 points. Now kill yourself and choose "END" from the "Game Over" screen.
Wait for the game to run one round of action in demo mode. When the clouds appear on the screen before the BOMBERMAN title comes up, press Down and hold it while you press and hold Select + I + II. This must be done before the title unfolds on the screen.
When the full title and "Game Start" menu appear, continue holding the buttons and press Run. DON'T RELEASE THE OTHER BUTTONS. When the intro sequence begins, press Run once more to reveal the "Special Select Room" menu.

Bomberman '93 Power-up Passwords
For a level 5-4 power rating, enter the password "RUHNGSEY". To max out at 8-8, enter the password "UXAFSOKH".

Bomberman '93 Sound Test
Choose the "Password" option and enter "BOMSOUND". After you hear a bomb sound, enter the password "MWFWJQYY" for a tasty sound menu.

Bomberman '93 Level Select
At the password sceen simply enter BOMLEVELS.

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