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Cheat codes for Bonks Adventure

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Bonk's Adventure Hidden 1-Ups
There are at several hidden 1-Ups scattered throughout the game. Here's how to find three of them:
  1. At the very beginning of level 1-1 go all the way to the very left edge of the screen. Have Bonk jump and land on his head. A small flower will appear. Headbutt it and another flower will fall from the sky. Catch it. When it lands a large flower will appear. Jump on it for a 1-up.
  2. At the first skull elevator (first round boss elevator)jump on top of the skull's head when it opens its mouth. Do a high spin and jump right into the green and keep holding right. You'll grab an extra 1-up.
  3. Knock out the underwater turtles in level 3-5.

Bonk's Adventure Extra Lives in Bonus Rooms
In the bonus room where you have to spin as many times as you can before hitting the ground, set button 2 to its highest level. Hold it down until you touch the ground to receive 5 men.

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