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Cheat codes for Bonks Revenge

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Bonk's Revenge Beating King Droll
When he floats above you and drops bullets, icicles, and fireboulders, keep calm. Stay low and carefully weave through them. When he charges you, get a running start and do the Jump Bonk move right below his crown.

Bonk's Revenge Play the Bonus Levels
At the title screen, press 1 + 2 at the same time. If you did it right, a new screen will appear where you play any of the bonus rounds.

Bonk's Revenge Secret Warp
Collect 50 or more "smiley faces". By the time you reach the Monster Train Princess Za will warp you past an entire world.

Bonk's Revenge View Endgame
At the Game Select screen hold Button II and press Run. You'll enter the bonus game practice menu. Highlight EXIT, hold Button II again and press Run for a sneak preview of Bonk's ending sequence.

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