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Cheat codes for Cyber Core

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Cyber Core Passwords
To enter a password, hold Left + Select at the title screen. After you've entered your password, press Button I to confirm it.Level Password2 EMI3 YUUMI4 PERSIA5 YU6 MAMI7 MIHO8 LALAMOTO

Cyber Core Sound Test
Enter the password "SCSI".

Cyber Core Special Weapon
It is said that all weapons have personalities, but this one even has a name. To introduce yourself, enter the password "NAOMI".

Cyber Core Ultimate Weapon
Pick up the folowing metamorphossis capsules in order: red, blue, green, green, yellow, red. Now let your ship be hit by enemies until it turns back to its normal state.

Cyber Core Vertical Mode
For a vertical version of this shooter, enter the password "MAKIRIN".

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