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Cheat codes for Devils Crush

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Devil's Crush View Ending
Enter the password "thecrushel". You'll start off with 999,999 points and the next point will show you the ending.

Devil's Crush 6 Balls
For unlimited balls, enter the password "AAAAAAHAA". If you're persistent enough to break One Million points, the board will explode and you'll be treated to an ending sequence.

Devil's Crush Infinte Balls and Extra Points
Enter the password AAAAAAHAAA to get infinite balls and 734,003,200.

Devil's Crush Infinite balls
Enter the password PPPPPPPPPA and you will start with infinite balls.

Devil's Crush Unlock Sound Mode
Enter Up, Right, Down after pausing.

Devil's Crush Unlock Sound Test
Enter Run, Select during game play to display the high score screen, then press Up, Down, Left, Right, I.

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