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Cheat codes for Dungeon Explorer

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Dungeon Explorer Guided Weapons
For smart weapons, enter the password "HOMIN GAAAA".

Dungeon Explorer Named Players
If you prefer names to mere titles, enter the password "CHECK NAMEA".

Dungeon Explorer Play as a God
For the really cheap player, enter the password "DEBDE DEBDA" then hold RUN and press Button I. You'll get a password error message. Now press Button II and select a character or enter a password.
To your delight, you'll find that your character has a massive number of Hit Points, can walk through walls, and has inexhaustible Magic. Better yet, you can use the bushes in front of the castle to warp to the game's bosses and other key locations.

Dungeon Explorer Play as the Hermit
To play as the elusive Hermit, enter the password "IMGAJ MDPAI" or enter the building east of the castle that "No one is Home" in while using the Bard with at least 100 Hit Points.

Dungeon Explorer Play as the Princess
To play as the Princess, simply enter one of these passwords: "JBBNJ HDCOG" or "JOINJ HFOHK".

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