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Cheat codes for Land of Ys

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Land of Ys Passwords
If you're feeling stuck, this passwords should help you progress.
14th floor of Tower in Book 1:5G?1P/sNoQBpp/p1nAs91/1TeN?/dgplmbb/0101010keC#C/#C#C#C#/C#C#D?D?A8Last part of Book 1:1d2Qh/Elaa3ss/sr4V55$$$yjz/SSrrwRR/FbnbnbnL4kek/ekekeke/kekeld1dkS Beginning of book 2: after giving five of the books to the 6 priest statues in the mineswA9S9/99BGMRF/9KVtVsVxZxRx/yHzPSwS/wSwSwSwB$B$B/$AB5K5K/5K5K6J6J3FBumland east and lots of other territory:meoKT/?M5uVc4/rcMFcFQNccuY/qTCCekf/ekekeke5JYwS/wRRF9F8/G8G8H7Hz95Ys core:p9WaA/TA8joCC/CCCCCCDUDDCC/4QQQRqm/myZm3356KJyx/Rwww9bfP/K5K5J6J79S

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