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Cheat codes for Yo Bro!

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Yo' Bro! Playing Tips
Level 1: Move toward the upper right from starting place of Lil' Bro, turn right, down the first street that you cross, then use a grenade to bomb next the door of the first building you see.
Level 2: Go down the narrow passage on the screen where Lil Bro starts. Turn left. Continue left until you come to a purple building. Right before the building is a manhole...throw a grenade at it.
Level 3: Go left from your starting position. You should quickly come to a purple building with a yellow roof. On the left side of that building is a manhole...grenade it.
Level 4: Go straight up from your starting position until you can't go any further. Then, go right until you come to a red building with a manhole in front of it. Grenade the manhole.
Level 5: When you start the level, there will be three manholes on the screen. Grenade the one that is almost directly under you.
Level 6: When you start the level, you'll see a sidewalk on the right side of the screen. Get on the sidewalk and head down diagonally, crossing streets, etc. You'll skate up next to a small yellow building, which sits right next to an identical blue building. Skate around in front and up the right side of them. Near the back of the buildings, on the right side, is a manhole, grenade it.

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