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Cheat codes for Arena Football

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Arena Football Cheat: Big Ball
You must go to the line of scrimageand enter L TRIGGER, Y BUTTON, UP, UP.

Arena Football Cheat: Small Ball
You must go to the line of scrimageand enter L TRIGGER, Y BUTTON, DOWN, DOWN.

Arena Football Cheat: Reset Ball
You must go to the line of scrimageand enter L TRIGGER, Y BUTTON, UP, DOWN.

Arena Football Cheat: Maxed-out Attributes
In "Play Now" mode, name and load a profile entitled "IronMen"

Arena Football Unlockable: Albany Firebirds
You have to finish the Be The Reciever Challenge.

Arena Football Unlockable: Charlotte Rage
You must finish in the Wall Hit Challenge.

Arena Football Unlockable: Anaheim Pirates
You must finish the Kicking Challenge.

Arena Football Unlockable: Buffalo Destroyers
You must finish the Jack Linebacker Challenge.

Arena Football Unlockable: Washington Commandos
You have to finish the Coverage Maneuver Challenge.

Arena Football Unlockable Extra Teams

Albany Firebirds: Win the "Be the Receiver" challenge.
All Star Champs: Win the ArenaBowl.
Anaheim Piranhas: Win the "Kicking" challenge.
Buffalo Destroyers: Win the "Jack Linebacker" challenge.
Charlotte Rage: Win the "Wall Hit" challenge.
Chicago Bruisers: Get six TDs in one game.
Cincinnati Rockers: Get two rushing TDs in one game.
Cleveland Thunderbolts: Get fifteen receptions in one game with one player.
Columbus Thunderbolts: Get four receptions for a TD with one player.
Connecticut Coyotes: Get 100 rushing yards in one game.
Dallas Texans: Get 300 receiving yards in one game.
Denver Dynamite: Commit no penalties for one game.
Detroit Drive: Get four interceptions in one game.
Florida Bobcats: Return an interception for a TD.
Fort Worth Cavalry: Get six sacks in a game with one player.
Houston Thunderbears: Make eight tackles in a game with one player.
Iowa Barnstormers: Return a fumble for a TD.
Las Vegas Sting: Return a kick for a TD.
Los Angeles Cobras: Kick a 20 yard FG.
Massachusetts Marauders: Kick a 40 yard FG.
Memphis Pharaohs: Force four turnovers in one game.
Milwaukee Mustangs: Complete a 30 yard or greater pass.
Minnesota Fighting Pike: Complete a 40 yard or greater pass.
New England Sea Wolves: Get a safety.
New England Steamrollers: Get five consecutive receptions.
New Jersey Gladiators: Get ten consecutive receptions.
New Jersey Red Dogs: Get fifteen consecutive receptions.
New Orleans Night: Play a game with no interceptions thrown.
New Orleans Voodoo: Kick a 30 yard FG.
New York CityHawks: Play a game with no sacks allowed.
New York Knights: Rush over 50 yards with one player.
Oklahoma Wranglers: Make four defensive stops in one game.
Pittsburgh Gladiators: Get two TDs in one game using "Be The Receiver" mode.
Portland Forest Dragons: Get 25 completions by QB in one game.
Sacramento Attack: Beat an opponent by over 25 points.
San Antonio Force: Get two interceptions by one player.
St. Louis Stampede: Win the "Mac Linebacker" challenge.
Texas Terror: Win the "Telemetry" challenge.
Toronto Phantoms: Get four TDs in one game using "Be The Receiver" mode.
Washington Commandos: Win the "Coverage Maneuver" challenge.

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