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Cheat codes for UFC:Tapout 2

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UFC:Tapout 2 Unlock Fighters
Win five matches in a row to unlock fighters from the list below. Each streak of five unlocks a new guy.

1. Robbie Lawler1. Robbie Lawler
2. Tsuyoshi Kosaka
3. Vitor Belfort
4. Pat Miletich
5. John Lewis
6. Dan Severn
7. Jeremy Horn
8. Hayato Sakurai
9. Maurice Smith
10. Mark Coleman
11. Mikey Burnett
12. Bas Rutten
13. Gary Goodridge
14. Frank Shamrock
15. Marco Ruas

UFC:Tapout 2 Unlock Bruce Buffer
Win 33 matches in a row in Arcade Mode to unlock Bruce Buffer.

UFC:Tapout 2 Unlock Frank Fertitta
To unlock Frank, lose a total of 66 matches in Arcade mode.

UFC:Tapout 2 Unlock Skyscrape
Beat Legend Mode with all default characters.

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