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Cheat codes for V-Rally 3

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V-Rally 3 Showroom Follies
At car select, use the right joystick and hold LEFT or RIGHT to open the corresponding door on the car; hold UP to pop the hood, and DOWN to pop the trunk.

V-Rally 3 Floating Cars Cheat
Use 210741974 MARTY as the name.`

V-Rally 3 Small Cars Cheat
Use 01041977 BIGJIM as a name.

V-Rally 3 Wrecked Cars Cheat
Use 25121975 PILOU as a name.

V-Rally 3 Non-Vibrating Jelly Cars Cheat
Use 07121974 FERGUS as a name.

V-Rally 3 Pancake Cars Cheat
Use 21051975 PTITDAV as a name.

V-Rally 3 Stretched And Skewed Cars Cheat
Enter Gonzales SPEEDY as a name.

V-Rally 3 Squeaky Commentary Cheat
Use a blank first name and use PALACH as the last name.

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