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Cheat codes for X-Men Legends

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X-Men Legends Cheat: Xtreme Costumes
On the main menu enter UP, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, START

X-Men Legends Unlockable: Legends
  • Colossus: Beat Nuclear Facility Mission.
  • Cyclops: Beat Mystique in NY.
  • Emma Frost: After Nuclear Plant Mission.
  • Gambit: Finish Third Level.
  • Ice Man, Jean Grey, Beast, Rogue, and Storm: Beat the First Mission.
  • Jubilee, Nightcrawler: Finish Second Mission.
  • Magma: Complete her second round of training.
  • Psylocke: Beat the New York riot Mission.

X-Men Legends Unlockable: Original Outfits
Beat the game to unlock additional costumes for each character. These include: Original outfits for Storm, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Iceman, and Colossus.

X-Men Legends Hint: Leadership
The “Leadership” quality possessed by Storm and Cyclops can be a tremendous asset to the team. This skill multiplies both damage and experience when successfully completing a combo. At its highest level Leadership will multiply damage by 150% and experience by 25%. Use Storm and Cyclops together to multiply these values a second time. That’s 625 damage of a base 100 attack. With a good roll of the die, combo attacks upwards of 1500 are possible by the end of the game.

X-Men Legends Hint: Wolverine Projectile
When you acquire Beast, Rogue, or Colossus you can pick up Wolverine and hurl him at a foe just like any other object so long as you use these three characters.

X-Men Legends Hint: Combos
  • B, A, B, B: stun your opponent
  • A, B, B, A, A, A: Almost always a kill
  • A, A, B, B: Strike twice, hit into air, then strike down.

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