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Rename characters

When prompted to enter a new name for Robin, press Select(3). Enter a new name for Robin, and you can now enter a new name for Gerald, Ivan, and Mary. Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Select to enter new names for the other remaining characters.


Make sure you set your Dijiin the way you want before a battle. If you know you are going to fight a lot of enemies, it would be a good idea to have your Dijiin ready to summon. If you are going to fight a small number of enemies you should not have it ready to summon. Use your Dijiin according to the element the person using the Dijiin excels at. Give Earth to Issac, Fire to Garet, Wind to Ivan, and Water to Mia.


Use your Psyenergy wisely. You should not just use your Psyenergy at any time, because you will quickly run out. You should only use it when needed or when it will stop you from receiving considerable damage.


Carry plenty of herbs in dungeons. Even a small task in a dungeon can wipe you out. You will save more money by doing this than by having to revive one of your team members. You will also always have all your team members ready to fight.


Use the inns whenever needed. Inns are your best and cheapest source to get healed quickly. Use them even for minor damage, or just to recover lost Psyenergy. Inns are inexpensive and efficient.


Keep close watch on Ivan's health. Ivan is the youngest of your group. He is only 15, while the others are all 17. He will get hurt faster. Give him more defensive equipment and less offensive equipment because he uses more Psyenergy than direct attacks.

Unlimited Tobi Tickets

Every time you make a purchase at a weapon or armor shop you get a ticket. To get a lot of tickets make a bunch of purchases, and sell them right back to the shop-keeper. You'll lose a little bit of money, but not much.

Earth Djinn in Kolima

You will see an Earth Djinn in Kolima being blocked by a fence. In order to go in, walk behind the tree and you will find the stairs. Cruise around until you find the stairs up. You will now be inside the fence ready to battle the Djinn.

How to find Granite, the Venus Djinn

In the Town of Kolima, walk behind the southernmost stump and press Down. You'll enter a secret room that leads to Granite, the Venus Djinn.

Power Bread in Vale

Return to Vale after Ivan joins your party and use Whirlwind to remove the bush behind the Store. You'll reveal a hidden cave that contains Power Bread. This item will permanantly boost one character's HP.

Glitch: Floating Isaac

Go to Crossbone Island, then go in the tornado. Immediately press L or R to see Isaac floating.

Hint: Fleeing

When you are in a battle with monsters, you have about an 85% chance of escaping if you select "Flee" immediately. This helps if you are on a mission.

Tempest Lizard

After you return from fighting Dead Beard on Cross Bone Isle. Use the Red Tornado to warp to Suhulla. Then, go back to the desert and the Red Tornado should be back. This time use Douse and instead of a Tornado Lizard, the Tempest Lizard will appear.

Get to Lunpa

After you defeat the Collosus event in Tolbi and have the discussion with Lord Babi, go into the room that Babi entered. You will find a bedded Babi, and the Cloak Ball. Tell Babi that is what you want to "Borrow" (he will not ask for it back). He will "lend" it to you. Go back to Lunpa through the cave on its left by using Frost on the puddle below the door. Go to the frame with the two guards in it. Go to the far left side and use Cloak. Stay in the shadows or the guards will see you. Save your game frequently. When you reach locked doors with bushes beside them, use Whirlwind and then Reveal. When you reach a barred entrance with a key in front of you, use Catch. After you have defeated TOADonpa, go to the room with the women guarding a small cave entrance. Donpa will command her to step aside. In the room you will get Tonic, a water Djinni. Once back outside the cave, you can use Reveal on the rock in front of the entrance to the two guard frame. Use Frost on the puddle that appears and go across it. When you reach the end of the path/cliff, use Reveal again and press A on the sparkle. You will get some treasure. Make sure to stock up on the items that you can get in the weapons shop.

Warp back to Sahulla

Use the following trick to warp back to Sahulla when one of the Tornado Lizard's storms catch you. Use any Psyenergy move besides the ones that heal you or douse. The storm will fly up in the air and land near by Sahulla.

Easy experience

Go to an area with Drone Bees, such as Lamakan Desert. Get into a battle that includes Drone Bees. Kill all the enemies except for the Drone Bees. Keep defending until the enemies look for allies and there are about six enemies on the screen. Start killing them one by one. When you are deciding who to attack, have all your characters attack the same bee or you can have two characters attacking two different bees. Kill the bees one by one or two by two and they will keep coming back. If you are fast enough, you can gain easy experience. Basically all you have to do is keep pressing A when you have six bees on the screen.

If you are in Venus Lighthouse and need to gain experience or just fill up, go to the room just before the sand waterfalls with the Psynergy Stone. Use all magic that you need to use. Then, take the Psynergy Stone. You should be all filled up. Go up the stairs to the left and back down. The Psynergy Stone should be there again. Repeat this as many as times as needed.

Go to the area outside of Kalay. If you get into fights with Undeads, attack each one with one character only once. Then, wait for only one to be on screen. Wait for it to call for an ally. Attack the ally with only one regular attack,and kill the original with a Fire Djinn. Repeat this as many times as needed for easy experience. Note: This trick also works on Warrior Bees, which are outside Lalivero.

On Crossbone Island use Douse on the pink tornado to fight a tough tornado monster for at least 1,000 experience points and 6,000 gold. Walk around to gain PP. Go in the cave entrance, then exit to make the tornado reappear. Repeat this as many times as desired.

When you get to Fusion Dragon, lose to it then heal yourself and lose to it again. The levels you gain from your battle before Fusion Dragon will grow. Repeat until your level is as high as desired.

Go to where the Tempest Lizard is located in the Sahulla Desert. Take the Tornado to Crossbone Isle. When you arrive, put all Earth, all Fire, and four Wind Djinni on standby and enter the Tornado. Select Psyenergy and use Douse. Defeat it, enter the area with the cave, and repeat this as many times as desired. You will get over 1,000 experience points every time.

Go to the Venus Light House and go to the second floor with the purple stone in the middle of it,where there should be a picture of a tree on the floor under the stone. Make sure that all your Djinn are set and are not on standby. Save the game and turn it off. Then, go back to your file and resume. You must have the following items: Dragon Shield, Kimono, Warriors Helmet, Silver Blade for Garret, Elven Shirt, Crystal Rod, Lucky Cap, Spirit Armlet, Herm's Water for Even, Frost Wand, Wooden Cap, Gauntlets, Oracle's Robe, Shamon's Rod for Mya, Ninja Hood, War Gloves, Steel Armor, Righteous Mace, and Asura Armor for Issac. Run around the room. You should encounter either a Fenrir with an Ice Gargoyle or a Chimera Mage with two Fenrirs. The encounter with the Ice Gargoyle and Fenrir will give you Ivan's final weapon of the game. If you encounter the Chimera Mage, it should give you 11,636 experience points with a Vial.

At the very start of the game when the Mt. Alph boulder is going to fall, young Issac and Garet can battle enemies by Kraden's house. It may take a while to gain a level, and you may need to use a few herbs. However, you will have an advantage later in the game. Note: You will not be able to battle enemies here again. Kraden's house is located where the man asked you if he was going to die.

When in the top floor of the Venus Lighthouse, save, reset and continue the game from that point. The next monster you battle should be three Willowisps and a Recluse. Kill the Willowisps with Earth Djinni and the Recluse with Fire. You should get 1200 experience each time you repeat this trick. You will also get an endless supply of Nuts and Unicorn Rings.

After you are able to leave Vale and after collecting Flint, try to level up to level 5 or 6. Go to the Goma Caves, but do not go inside. Move south until you hit the river, then go east. Move south across the bridge then immediately go to the right. You should be behind the mountain area. Move toward the strange crack in the mountains on the right. Keep running into it. After awhile, a battle should begin with the enemies on the other side of the Goma Caves. This is a good way to get easy experience before entering Vault.

Easy experience and gold

Walk outside towns and battle monsters, but do not wander too far away. Use Herbs, Nuts, or anything else that cures your characters. When you run out of magic to heal or need to buy more Herbs, return to town. Go inside the inn or item shop and get cured. Note: You may want to do both. All the gold that you received from battle goes towards curing yourself, but is worth it since you will gain levels faster. Repeat those steps until reaching the desired level. Note: You may want to repeat this trick when you see a change of monsters levels.

When you run into a battle with any kind of Bee or Zombie monster, defeat all monsters but the Bees or Zombies. Then, just choose "Defend" until your screen is full with multiples of the same monster. The "Monster looks for allies" message will appear, then another of the same creature will appear. Once you get a maximum of six monsters on the screen, you can finish them off; or you can kill some and let the survivors multiply once again. Continue this process to get as many coins and as much experience as desired.

Fighting Bosses again

Go to "Battle" at the menu, then talk to the lady at the counter. Answer "Yes" to battle a monster, then step into the circle.After a few rounds with battling, you should meet one of the Bosses from the game. Note: You must be level 16 or higher.

Defeating the thieves

To defeat the thieves in Vault, use your Djnii and Psynergy frequently. Have herbs, etc. handy before the battle. Keep an eye on Ivan's HP.

Defeating any Boss

You only need two Djinn, Granite and Flash, to defeat any Boss in the game. Set them to any two characters. On the first turn, attack with everyone but one of these two. For example, Issac has Granite and Garet has Flash, Issac should use Granite, nearly nullifying all responding attacks. On the next turn, attack/summon/whatever with Ivan and Mia, but set Granite with Issac and use Flash with Garet. The next turn, set Flash again and use Granite. Repeat those steps until you win the battle. This makes your characters nearly invincible, with even the Fusion Dragon doing damages as little as 13 for its most powerful attacks.


After you visit Bilibin and have talked to the Lord, you may be tempted to go through the cave that leads to Imil and Mercury Lighthouse. Do not do so. First, go to Kolima and Kolima Forest. Make it through the forest by moving logs and battling enemies. You will eventually meet Tret, the tree. After you talk to him, climb up the vines on Tret that are very easy to miss. Once in Tret, you will eventually battle him after exploring and puzzle solving. After defeating him, now go through the cave to Imil. You could beat Tret after you visit Imil, but you would have to go through the cave several times. After completing Mercury Lighthouse, fill the bottle that you got from Imil with the Water of Hermes. Then, go to Tret and give the water to him. He will then turn all of the persons who were trees back to people.

Go to the Mercury Lighthouse and get Mia before you go to Kolima Forest to defeat King Tret. This will save you a lot of time, and you need as much experience as you can get. You will find much at the lighthouse, because you will fight a Mimic and Saturos. To get the Water Of Hermes, take the empty bottle you should have and select "Use" directly at the front of the fountain at the foot of Mercury Lighthouse.

How to find Sleet, the Mercury Djinn

In the Mercury Lighthouse, look for five waterfalls. Enter the middle waterfall of the five to find Sleet.

Use Reveal to find items

Use Reveal to find items that are in boxes, ovens, jars, graves, etc. instead of wasting your time looking. Use Reveal near jars and other small storage objects. If you see sparkles off the object, it means there is an item inside.


Once Issac is admitted into Colosso, if you lose any of the fights the first time you try, Isaac will wake up and it will be just before you began competing in Colosso. This only works the first time you fight in Colosso; otherwise you lose permanently.

If you lost in Colosso more than once you will still wind up in bed, and can re-enter the tournament. Also, your Psi points recover even when you are in a town.

In Colosso, choose your partner to cheer for you very carefully. They can use their Psynergy to help you get some of the useful items on your way to the arena. Also, you will have a much easier time going through the obstacles. You can use Halt to freeze the men who pull the levers to make the platforms move.


When you get to the barricade look to the left to see a box taller than Isaac. Use your Psyenergy to move it.

Altmiller Cave

When you get to the bottom floor where you have to turn the stones in sequence, use Reveal to see the stones in color. You do not have to memorize the sequence. This is also useful if you want to just walk by Babi, without listening to his long speech.

Easy experience

Go to the Mars Lighthouse and look for Firebirds. One Firebird can give you as much experience as the battle with Saturos and Menardi (6,000 experience points). You can also look for some Phoenix, which can give you about 3000 experience points. Because they have low HP, this is the easiest way to gain experience.

Finding Breeze the Jupiter Djinn

When you get to Tret tree go to the very top floor. Thereat the bottom middle wil be a passage. Go through that door and climb the vine. Then go to the top branch. There will be the Jupiter Djinn Breeze. Note: Attach all djinn to the parties special unless otherwise.

Easy Kikuichimonji (K-Sword)

The Kikuichimonji, (K-Sword) is the rarest item in the game, and is the strongest weapon for Ivan.

For this cheat to work also, you MUST have your characters attack in this order:

Ivan, Mia, Isaac, Garet, and still have above 150 agility.
and you must be in the posetion of Torch, and Bane. (they must be set)
save the game in the first room in the Venus Lighthouse, the one with the psynergy crystal.
turn OFF you GBA system, and turn it back on.
now, the first battle you encounter should be a fenrir, and an ice gargoyle, it is essential that your party attacks first. If your party doesn't attack first, then turn your GBA off, and do this again.
Your characters attacks must be directed on the fenrir.
Your characters have to attack like this:
Ivan casts tornado;
Mia casts ice horn;
Isaac casts clay spire;
Garet casts flare wall.
now, it will go to turn 2.
Ivan defends;
Mia casts wish;
Isaac defends;
Garet unleashes Torch.
the fenrir will now flash, then die.
now, have all the party defend, exept for Isaac, and have Isaac use Bane.
The ice gargoyle will now die, and after the battle, you will be rewarded with a potion, and a Kikuichimonji!
I have done this cheat about 12 times, and it works every time.
Please, E-mail me if it doesn't work.

NOTE: the enemies CANNOT attack you before you kill the fenrir, otherwise it will f*** things up.

Glitch: Paint the enemy

To paint the enemy you must use a djinni. Use the ones like Bane and scorch. All you have to do is kill the enemy with lets say Bane(the Venus djinni). If Banes strike kills you're foe,then it should go blue with flashing red squares and make the small monsters sound first and then the big monster sound(if it' a big monster) after that and die.

Helicopter sound

To make this sound go to status,and move any character to the left(press L) or right(press R). If you him/her to the right hold R, if you move him/her to the left hold L.The sound which is made is like a helicopter.

The Rocks

To move the second rock you use the move pho- whatever it's called. To get in the cave, you must use Whirlwind on the grass. (Goma Range Entrance).

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