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Cheat codes for Airline Tycoon

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Within the game, enter any of the following codes:

atmissall = Level select
crowd = More people at airport
donaldtrump = Money
famous = Increased reputation
expander = Airport expands
mentat = All helpers active
nodebts = Eliminate debts
showall = All flights visible
thinkpad = Notebook
winning = Level skip


Go to the route managament board to the right of the airport manager's office. Take the paper clips by clicking on them. Go to the cargo area and give the operator the clips. You could then take the glue. You could spill the glue anywhere on the 2nd floor and one of your opponents could step in it and it takes 1 "Airline Tycoon" hour to get out.


At any time during the game except for the first day go to the Duty-Free shop and buy a violin case. Go to the Perolair and click on the violin case logo. He will tell you to press the fire extingusher at the right. Now you could sabotage any airline by paying him some cash. You do not have to do this over and over again.

Evacuate Airport

Just type anytime during the game: panic, to evacuate the airport.

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