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Cheat codes for Army Men: RTS

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Various Cheats

Press [Alt + [Backspace] during game play, then enter one of the codes.

2000 Electricity - zap me
5000 Plastic fantastic plastic
Random team colors on map color me stupid

To bring the little cheat box press [{ALT]}+[BACKSPACE] and type god mode as: Fantastic goo. To get infinite plastic first press the same keys [{ALT]+[BACKSPACE] and type :Blints is dead.

All Codes For Army Men RTS

Press Alt+BackSpace to activate a cheat box:

Cheats Work They Have Been Tested and they all make confirmation sounds.

1.Color Me Stupid=gives all units a random color
2.Fantastic plastic=Adds Plastic
3.Zap Me=adds Electricity
4.Ahoy Captain Dan=1 free paratrooper strike
5.Punch Line=?
6.Kick Some Butt=Gives the GREENS a boost in attack and defense power
7.Brain sick=Gives the TANS a boost in attack and defense power

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