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Cheat codes for Asteroids

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All Weapons

For all power-ups type "issallgood" while playing.

Hardcore 1-UP Loop

Begin a new game with any ship with the HARDCORE as the diffiuclty. Destory the big astroid as well as the two medium ones, but not clearing level 1 in Zone 1. Now get killed, as soon as your ship explodes, press ESCAPE (do this before your life counter goes down). Now select RESTART ZONE. Your live counter will stay the same as before. Destory the big astroid again, now watch your life counter when you destory one of the medium ones, your life counter will go up by one. Get killed again (w/o your life counter going down). and RESTART the zone. You will 3 lives instead of the default of 2. Repeat this process 4 lives, and so forth.

Instant Mines

To get instant mines, press the fire button and hold it, after the sparks shoot out from your ship for a while let go of the fire button and a mine will pop out of the back of your ship.

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