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Cheat codes for Rage of Mages II : Necromancer

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Tip: Examine the equipment of hired mercenaries carefully. If they have something good, send them into danger alone and steal the equipment when they die.

Tip: Always clear out an entire level before declaring a mission complete; you'll need both the gold and the experience later.

Tip: During easy battles, switch your characters to secondary weapons, such as maces and pikes, to build up their skills in those areas.

Cheat Codes

Press Enter at a game map and type the following codes:

Code - Effect

##Coward - Enable cheat mode - do this one first!
#modify self +god - God mode
#modify army +god - God mode
#modify self +spells - All spells
#pickup all - Pick all sacks
#show map - See full map
#hide map - Hide map
#victory - Instant victory
#killall - Kill all enemies
#create X gold - Get X amount of gold


If you create a network game and look at the Quests you should find Carry Item Quest. Take it and you will get a Treasure. Now choose another Map and sell the Treasure for 10,000 !

Duplicate Item

First you tell someone to host then you join and make it so all items come in the invetory (If you don't wanna lose them all). Then you find a enemy who can kill you (or your friend). Then when it says press Space do not do it! Go out from it and join it again and all of your stuff will be there on the ground (all you had in your inventory) plus you still have the stuff before you died.

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