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Cheat codes for Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, The

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Hidden clips

Insert Disc 1. Highlight the "Set-Up" option at the main menu and press Left to display a key pad. Use the D-pad and Enter to select the following numbers: 1146. The destruction of Earth and a commercial for Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters will appear.

Insert Disc 2. Select the "Outer Planets" option and enable subtitles. Highlight the "Inner Planets" option and press Left to highlight the "Don't Panic" text. Press Enter to view the readouts of the Heart of Gold computer display.

Insert Disc 2. Highlight the "Communicate" option and press Left to highlight a hidden image of Earth. Press Enter to view an alternate introduction sequence.

Random surprise

Remain idle at the main menu until the music has cycled. Episode 1 will begin to play. At random times, an alternate opening sequence will be included where a message about the Infinite Improbability Drive appears.

Random "Glitch"

A random 'glitch' has been put in this DVD deliberately. randomley when you start the first episode, the screen will go wobbly and the narrator will talk funny. it will have "DONT PANIC" in big, friendly pink letters and the words "The improbability drive has been altered in your DVD. Please reset the DVD player." This is good humour for anyone who has seen this movie will know what an improbability drive is... well... anyways there it is.

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