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Cheat codes for Pokemon Gold/Silver

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Alternate Pokemon Colors

Did you know that there are Pokemon hidden in Gold/Silver that have alternate colors, aka shiny status? There is no easy way to find them (except for the Red Gyarados in the Lake of Rage) as they appear at random -- but they're out there. If you see specially colored Pokemon, be sure to catch them as they are very rare. You can recognize them by the sparkle effect when they appear in battle, or by checking on the Pokemon Status Screen. Next to the Male/Female symbol, these special Pokemon are marked with three dots.

There are any number of these rare types, including alternate versions of Nidoking (dark blue), Golbat (purple/green), Tentacruel (green eyes), Rapidash (purple), Scyther (orange/green), Hoothoot (yellow/purple), Sudowoodu (green/red), Ho-oh (yellow/orange), and more.

Breeding Evolutions

At the Daycare Center south of Goldenrod City on Route 33, you can give a male Pokemon and a female Pokemon to the keepers to breed new Pokemon.

Breed two Pikachus to get Pichu.
Breed two Electabuzzes and you get Elekid.
Breed two Clefairies and you get Cleffa.
Breed two Jigglypuffs and you get Igglybuff.
Breed two Magmars and you get Magby.
Breed a Venonat with a Pinsir to get Pinsir.
Breed a Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee with a Ditto to get Tyrogue.
Breed a Clefairy with a Snubbull to get another Snubbul.
Breed a Gyarados with the Red Gyarados to get a golden Magikarp.

Replace any of the Pokemon with the genderless Ditto if you've only got one of a kind. Ditto will act as a wildcard Pokemon.

Duplicate Items/Clone Pokemon

Go to a PC, and save. Attach the item you want to duplicate to the Pokemon you want to clone. Deposit it into the PC. Change boxes. When the screen is saying "Saving the game..." Turn off your GB. Turn it back on. You should have the deposited Pokemon in the PC, and a clone of it in your lineup. The item will either be on both monsters, or in your Backpack. Note: while doing this code, DO NOT withdraw any Pokemon. When the GB is turned back on, you'll find that the withdrawn Pokemon has been deleted. Note: You can duplicate up to 5 items/Pokemon at a time.

Set Your Clock For Daylight-Savings

Return to your house and talk to your mother. She will ask you if you want to set your clock to Daylight-Savings time.

Special Poke Balls

You can give Apricorns to the Poke Ball maker in Azalea Town to get new types of Poke Balls. Here is a list of what they're good for.

White Apricorn: Fast Ball -- Good for catching Pokemon that try to escape from battle quickly.
Red Apricorn: Level Ball -- If your Pokemon's level is significantly higher than the wild Pokemon's, it will be an easy catch.
Blue Apricorn: Lure Ball -- Good for catching Water types when fishing.
Pink Apricorn: Love Ball -- If the wild Pokemon's gender is opposite that of your Pokemon's you'll have an easier catch.
Black Apricorn: Heavy Ball -- Big enough to catch heavy Pokemon like Snorlax.
Green Apricorn: Friend Ball -- Pokemon caught with Friend Balls will become very attached to their trainer. Good for Chansey (if you want it to evolve into Blissey).
Yellow Apricorn:Moon Ball -- Good for catching Pokemon that evolve with Moon Stones, like Clefairy and Jigglypuff.

Special Trainers

There are six extremely helpful Pokemon trainers in Gold/Silver whose telephone numbers you should definitely keep in your Pokegear. These six will randomly give you tips on how to find rare Pokemon and steer you towards areas where certain Pokemon are currently "swarming."

Fisherman Ralph (Route 32): Helps you find Qwilfish
Hiker Anthony (Route 33): Helps you find Dunsparce
Bug Catcher Arnie (Route 35): Helps you find Yanma
Schoolboy Chad (Route 38): Helps you find Snubbull
Fisherman Wilton (Route 44): Helps you find Remoraid
Hiker Parry (Route 45): Helps you find Marill

Trade Evolutions

There are a couple of Pokemon that only evolve when traded with another trainer. Some trade evolutions also require that the Pokemon holds a certain item when traded. Here's the list:

Kadabra - Alakazam
Graveler - Golem
Haunter - Gengar
Machoke - Machamp
Poliwhirl - Politoed (hold King's Rock)
Onix - Steelix (hold Metal Coat)
Scyther - Scizor (hold Metal Coat)
Porygon - Porygon2 (hold Up-Grade)
Slowpoke - Slowking (hold King's Rock)
Seadra - Kingdra (hold Dragon Scale)

Trade-Only Pokemon

Gold Version: The following Pokemon are not available in Pokemon Gold and have to be traded from Silver, Red, Blue or Yellow:

Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur
Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise
Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard
Kabuto and Kabutops
Omanyte and Omastar
Vulpix and Ninetales
Meowth and Persian
Phanpy and Donphan
Ledyba and Ledian

Silver Version: The following Pokemon are not available in Pokemon Silver and have to be traded from Gold, Red, Blue or Yellow:

Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur
Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise
Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard
Kabuto and Kabutops
Omanyte and Omastar
Mankey and Primeape
Growlithe and Arcanine
Teddiursa and Ursaring
Spinarak and Ariados

Ho-Ho and Lugia

You can find Ho-Ho on top of Tin Tower and Lugia in the bottom-left Whirl Island. In Silver, Ho-Ho is on level 70 and Lugia is on level 40. In Gold Ho-Ho is on level 40 and Lugia is on level 70. Lugia's types are Psychic and Flying. Ho-Ho's types are Fire and Flying. Ho-Ho is holding Sacred Ash when you get him, when all your guys faint you use the Sacred Ash ( automatically ) and it heals all your pokemon ful health.

Rid yourself of Data

At the Start Screen press "Sel" "up" and "B".

Metal Coat

First you need to beat the pokemon league. then Prof. Elm will call you and tell you that he has a suprise for you. Go him to get the S.S. Anne ticket to get on the S.S. Aqua. Get on the ship, walk down a couple of steps. Then this man will bump into you and he will say that he lost his granddaughter. He will ask you if you could help him find her. Then go to the right, then down, and go down or up the step. Walk up and this man will block you from going to the captain's room. He will ask you to find somebody that works with him. The man is in the room right next your room where you can revive you pokemon. Then he wants to batlle you. Defeat him and go back to the man blocked you from going to the captain's room. He will let you by so you can go to the room. When you get to the room, there is the captian and a girl. The girl is the old mans grandchild. Talk to her and she will go back to her grandfather. There room is in the bottom right house all the way to the right. Talk to the old man and he will say thanks for finding his grandchild and he will give you a silver caot. The only two pokemon that can use the coat is Scyther and Onix.

Hints and Tips

Day-Care Copying

There is an easier (but time-wasting) way to copy Pokemon. For example, for two Typhlosions, breed a Cindaquil with Ditto. When the egg hatches, you will get a Cindaquil. Train both to Level 32 and they will evolve into Typhlosion.

Hint on Starting Pokemon

Chikorita: A Grass-type Pokemon with girlish looks, Chikorita is the most challenging of the three starting Pokemon. It's not particulary strong against any of the Pokemon you'll encounter in the first part of the game (in fact, it's extremely weak against most of the Gym Pokemon!), so you must spend a lot of time leveling it up and building a team of support Pokemon. Chikorita is recommended for experienced Pokemon Trainers or players who want an extra challenge.

Totodile: This Water-type Pokemon is a good, all-around choice for a starting Pokemon. It's greatest strengh lies in its flexibility. Of the three starting Pokemon, it can use the most HMs and has no weaknesses against the Pokemon you encounter in the beginning of the game. This is a great starting Pokemon for any player.

Cindaquil: Known for its fiery quills, this Fire-type is the strongest of the three starting Pokemon. In fact, you can make it through most of the game on the strengh of his Pokemon alone. (It's final form, Typhlosion, is extremely powerful!) Choose Cindaquil if you're playing the Silver version and your Typhlosion and Lugia will take out the Elite Four easily! Cindaquil is the best choice for new players and those who want to speed through the game.

A Psychic Pokemon that knows Dark moves

Train your Eevee to level 30. Make sure you don't make it evolve. At level 30 it learns Bite. Then train it good and make sure it evolves before it grows to level 36. It will evolve into Espeon and learn Psybeam. Ta-da! You have a Psychic Pokemon that knows Dark moves!!!

Easy way to take out Lance

If you chose Totodile at the start of the game, use it against Lance. Make sure it knows Ice Punch. Use Ice Punch to knock Lance's Pokemon down one by one. Dragonite and Aerodactyl are the ones most affected. Use a Raichu or Ampharaos to take out Gyarados. You thought it was Dragon/flying? Nope It's WATER/Flying.

Battle the guard near Daycare Center

At night, talk to the guard near the Daycare Center. He might battle you, but he has a Level 17 Growlithe that you might take out easily. His name is Officer Keith.

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A Blue Koffing

To get a Blue Koffing, go to where you scare away the three legendary cats (Burned Tower, Ecruteak city) and walk around. Eventually, you will run into a Blue, shiney Koffing.

Get Two Master Balls

You can get two Master balls in the game. One Master ball you get from Professor Elm when you get all the badges. The other place you get a Master ball is in the Lucky Number show. You have to win four numbers and then you get the Master ball. Every time you win before you get the Master ball they give you PP ups.

Copy Master Balls

To copy a Master ball you use the code of copying pokemon. Attach the Master ball to your pokemon and do the code, when the codes done you'll have two Master balls.You can keep doing this untill you have all the Master balls you want.

Light bue poliwag

Once you have the Super Rod, use it to fish in the water right above Vermillion City. Eventually, you should find a light blue Poliwag.


Catch a slowbro (or evolve a slowpoke) and give it the symbol of King. Then trade slowbro to another game and it should change into a Yadoking.

Fast scroll through the credits

When the credits appears, hold down the B button and the credits will run through in about 15 seconds.

Special Bellsprout

Any time during the game, go to the tall grass closest to Violet City exit south of the Gym. Walk around in the grass and eventually you shall find a Bellsprout with purple lips.

Superior Battle Power...

Once you have Got to the Stage where you can transport Pokemon across time, put basic Pokemon that arent from Johto, or have any Johto moves in your Party, and Trade with your Pokemon Blue or Red for your Special Level 100 Pokemon.

Strongest Pokemon

If you find, as you get on later in the Game, that opponents are Hard, keep bettling the same people who wish to, or wild animals of that level. Leveling up your creatures by Rare Candy may be quick, but its not as powerful as doing it by hand.

Time Cheat

Change the time. You can only change daylight savings time right. At the title menu press Down, select, B and it will ask if you would like to reset your clock.

Golden Metapod

Go to the right side of Violet city. Look in the grass and you may find a golden metapod.

Crimson Magmar

Go to the burned tower where you release the three legendary pokemon. Go down the ladder and look around sooner or later you should find a Crimson Magamar.

Rainbow Jynx

In the Ice path where you get Hm 07 there is a rainbow Jynx.


To find Lugia go to the bottom right Whirl Island in Jhoto. Enter the cave. Jump over the wall at the top. Follow the path until you get to water surf until you get to the waterfall. Go down the waterfall. Go to the land on the left and go through the door. Go through another door and you will find Lugia in the water. WARNING there is only one Lugia! I caught Lugia with a masterball. After you have caught Lugia go back out to where the waterfall is and surf down and then to the right and you will find land go up the ladder and follow the path and you should find the exit to the cave.

Change time on game and Duplicate pokemon

Choose save, and when it says "SAVING, DON' T TURN OFF THE POWER" turn it off. Turn it on again, and you will be asked what the password is, the password is your trainer ID.

To duplicate your pokemon, put into your pc, then choose change box. When it says "SAVING, DON' T TURN OFF THE POWER" turn it off, when you turn it on, you will have two off that pokemon. If it was holding an item, the item will also be cloned.

Get All 3 Starter Pokemon from Prof Elm

GameShark Code: 0100BAD7 << Zeros not the letter.

*If the code is ON, and you are just starting a game, once you get to the point of choosing the starter, keep picking all of them. You will now possess all three starters. Also, the first Pokemon you choose, your Rival will still get the Pokemon with the type advantage (i.e. Cyndaquil > Totodile) even if you took all of them.

Infinite Money

GameShark Code: 019973D5, 019974D5, 019975D5 <
*Even if you buy stuff, if the code is ON, you will have Infinite Money (999999). So buy away all you want.

Level 0 All Pokemon You Fight (In battle only)

GameShark Code:0100FCD0 <
*All Pokemon, Wild or Trained By Trainer, will be in Level 0. You will not gain EXP if you defeat one of these Level 0 Pokemon.

GameShark Code: One Hit Enemy Kills (In battle only)

GameShark Code: 010000D1 <
*All Pokemon you fight will faint after 1 hit, or if you just make any sort of Pokemon Move. Even if you decide to use an Item during your turn. You will gain EXP even as if you really defeated the Pokemon.

GameShark Code: Always On Bike

GameShark Code: 010132D6 <
*You will always stay at Bike Speed. Inside buldings it will give you the Ice Gliding Effect. To get off, Turn OFF the GS button.

Catch Shining Pokemon

GameShark Code: 010719D1 << Zeros not the Letter.

*Any Pokemon that appears in the Wild will be Shiny as long as this Code is ON.

Shining Onix

Go to Union Cave on the weekends. You might have heard before from some guy the following (He is in Union Cave) he stated "On weekends, I can hear strange *ROARS* from deep inside the cave." On weekends, go to the deepest levels of Union Cave (Lowest Basement/Level) and at some point a Shining Onix will appear. Make sure to take low level Pokemon to battle and weaken it, and some Ultra Balls, or simply use a Master Ball.

Get Celebi

Gameshark Code: 01FBEDD0 *Those 0 are zeros not the letter*

Xploder Code: Fight rare pokemon

At the Exploder screen type in this: 0D??E764 But replace the ?? with the numbers below: I'll leave you to evolve the pokemon!

9B=Mr mime

Loads of master balls

Note: you need at least one ball slot.

Enter the codes:


Note: If you swap the master balls in another slot in the ball pack the it will make the previous balls that were there into master balls.

Really good EXP (Xploder only)

Enter the code:

A lot of Money(Xploder only)

Enter this code:

No random battles!(Xploder only)

Enter the code: 0D21791B.

Note: If it is a monster you have to fight it wont work!

Always biking ( Xploder only )

To always bike enter the code: 0D220EF3. Note: You can even bike in houses,shops, etc.

Strong Pichu

Here is how to get Pichu, all u have to do is get a Ditto and a Picachu. when u get Pichu raise it to level 50 with out leting it evolve into a Picachu. The Pichu should be sronger then the Picachu.


This is just a very useful hint. No matter what any one says, there is not way to get celibi or mew without a gameshark or gameboy promotion.


It takes 5 pokeballs to capture a legendary bird.

Silver Hoot Hoot

To get a silver hoot hoot you it must be at 8:57 pm or this cheat will not work. At that time fly to cinnabar Island and go fight the gym leader but when you hit a he will dissapear and you will be taken to a room with him traning a silver hoot hoot, then he will tell you to catch it.


Many say that it is imposible to get celibi but i figured out this good cheat. First you must get a male Abra and a Ditto. Get them both at levle 30+ and let them both hold an everstone. Then take them to the breading ground. They will have an egg and it should be a Celibi if the code is done right. If you take them to the daycare center to get them to 30+ the code will not work, they should have had and egg by them, but if they haevent then try this code but it may not work.

99 Master balls

To get 99 master balls,the first time you go onto the ss aqua in olivine city,check all the trash cans,and in one of them you will find 99 master balls.

Secret Gift

In Goldenrod city, on the left side you see water, go north of the town and surf to the left, go all the way down and you will see 3 girls. After you defeat the third one, she will give you a mystery gift.

Something nice

Something nice is that if you have a gameboy printer then you can find a person on the way to the bug catching contest and then talk to him and he will allow you to print off your favorite pokemon.

Rare Candies

When you give a pokemon a rare candy a lot of times it will go up in level but it stats wont be as good as if you would have trained it up that high. You should only use a rare candy on a pokemon a few times.

Free Game Coins

To get free game coins, go to Celadon city, and go into the casino, walk around the asiles, pressing A+B at a same time and you will find about 240 game coins.


To get Dunsparce, just go to dark cave at night and Dunspacre to appear.


To get Elekid, Breed a male Electabuz and a female one.


To get Lapras, i think it was the cave in Azelia Town, you go in and surf through all the ladders, when you get to the end of the cave, There will be a Lapras swimming around.There is only one so save your game(Note: If it is not this cave, try going to the one south of Violet City.


Ever heard of Tyranitar? Well hear is how to get it.

1) Go to Mt.Silver
2) Go inside and catch a larvitar.
3) Evolve Larvitar into Pupitar.
4) Evolve Pupitar into Tyranitar.
5) Have fun with your new Pokemon!

Radio Tower Quiz

At the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City, one of the the people at the front desk will ask you if you want to take a quiz to win a Radio Card.

The Radio Card allows you to use your PokeGear as a radio.

Say yes.

Here is the quiz you have to take, and the correct answers:

1. Can the Town Map be displayed on PokeGear? Yes.

2. Can Nidorina be female only? Yes.

3. Does Kurt, the Pokeball Craftsman, use Aprikorn? Yes.

4. Magikarp won't learn any TM move? Yes.

5. Prof. Oak's Pokemon Talk ia a very popular program. Is Marie the co-host of the show? Yes.


The best time to catch Chanseys at night on Routes 13, 14, and 15.


There is only one Aerodactyl in the game, but it is not that difficult to get. Catch a Chansey and trade with the girl on Route 14 to get it.

Faster Olivine Boat Ride

In Olivine City, it normally takes quite awhile when your ride the boat. To speed things up, when you get in the boat, go to your cabin. Then, go over to the bed and heal your Pokemon. When you are done, the boat will be in Vermilion City.

Catch any Pokemon

(Xploderlite cheat cartridge is required).


Explanation: Say you wanted bulbasaur, you would turn on the game boy colour and the cheat cartridge, wait till the screen loads, then press 'select' and use the buttons to type in 0100EDD0, but instead of 00 in the middle put what is shown by the word bulbasaur (01) so put 0101EDD0, then press 'start', while the cheat cartridge is still on, the only pokemon you will battle will be -in this instance- bulbasaur, to stop this, turn off the cheat cartridge.

-- Pokemon
01: Bulbasaur
02: Ivysaur
03: Venusaur
04: Charmander
05: Charmeleon
06: Charizard
07: Squirtle
08: Wartortle
09: Blastoise
0A: Caterpie
0B: Metapod
0C: Butterfree
0D: Weedle
0E: Kakuna
0F: Beedrill
10: Pidgey
11: Pidgeotto
12: Pidgeot
13: Rattata
14: Raticate
15: Spearow
16: Fearow
17: Ekans
18: Arbok
19: Pikachu
1A: Raichu
1B: Sandshrew
1C: Sandslash
1D: Nidoran Female
1E: Nidorina
1F: Nidoqueen
20: Nidoran Male
21: Nidorino
22: Nidoking
23: Clefairy
24: Clefable
25: Vulpix
26: Ninetails
27: Jigglypuff
28: Wigglytuff
29: Zubat
2A: Golbat
2B: Oddish
2C: Gloom
2D: Vileplume
2E: Paras
2F: Parasect
30: Venonat
31: Venomoth
32: Diglett
33: Dugtrio
34: Meowth
35: Persian
36: Psyduck
37: Golduck
38: Mankey
39: Primeape
3a: Growlithe
3b: Arcanine
3c: Poliwag
3d: Poliwhirl
3e: Poliwrath
3f: Abra
40: Kadabra
41: Alakazam
42: Machop
43: Machoke
44: Machamp
45: Bellsprout
46: Weepinbell
47: Victreebell
48: Tentacool
49: Tentacruel
4A: Geodude
4B: Graveler
4C: Golem
4D: Ponyta
4E: Rapidash
4F: Slowpoke
50: Slowbro
51: Magnemite
52: Magneton
53: Farfetch'd
54: Doduo
55: Dodrio
56: Seel
57: Dewgong
58: Grimer
59: Muk
5A: Shellder
5B: Cloyster
5C: Gastly
5D: Haunter
5E: Gengar
5F: Onix
60: Drowzee
61: Hypno
62: Krabby
63: Kingler
64: Voltorb
65: Electrode
66: Exeggcute
67: Exeggcutor
68: Cubone
69: Marowak
6A: Hitmonlee
6B: Hitmonchan
6C: Lickitung
6D: Koffing
6E: Weezing
6F: Rhyhorn
70: Rhydon
71: Chansey
72: Tangela
73: Kangaskhan
74: Horsea
75: Seadra
76: Goldeen
77: Seaking
78: Staryu
79: Starmie
7A: Mr. Mime
7B: Scyther
7C: Jynx
7D: Electabuzz
7E: Magmar
7F: Pinsir
80: Tauros
81: Magikarp
82: Gyarados
83: Lapras
84: Ditto
85: Eevee
86: Vaporeon
87: Jolteon
88: Flareon
89: Porygon
8A: Omanyte
8B: Omastar
8C: Kabuto
8D: Kabutops
8E: Aerodactyl
8F: Snorlax
90: Articunno
91: Zapdos
92: Moltres
93: Dratini
94: Dragonair
95: Dragonite
96: Mewtwo

Wild Suicune

At night go to route 31. In the building seperating Violet city and Route 31, go right. Once your out of the building, go to the grass patch just below the building. If you keep walking around, you should find a Suicune!

Surfing Pikachu

There is a way to get the surfing Pikachu, find a smergle and use surf then it should use scktch and it will turn into surf, catch it. Then catch a pikachu,bring them both to the day care center come back to get a egg, it hatches into a Pichu that knows surf!! Note:Smeargle shoud be male and Pikachu shoud be female.

Easy rare dogs

The easy way to get Raikou, Entei, and Suicune is to capture or raise a pokemon to learn the move "meanlook" hunt down which ever rare dog you want, have the pokemon that knows "meanlook" in the front of the party. When you find the rare dog of your choice you need to use "meanlook" so then it can't flee. Bring lots of ultra balls or simply a master ball.

Normal-Type pokemon with Ghost Type moves

First, get an Eevee from Bill's house in Goldenrod city. Next, capture a Ditto in the grass South of Goldenrod city. After that, evolve the Eevee into an Espion (i.e, by making it happy in the morning or day and then making it grow a level) and teach it TM Shadow Ball (get it by defeating Gym Leader Morty). Now train the Ditto up to around about the same level as the Espion and put them both into Pokemon Day-Care. Wait for the old man to give you an egg (check the day-care centre as much as you can) and wait for it to hatch. The egg will hatch into an Eevee that should know Shadow Ball (A Ghost-Type attack). Now you can use a ghost attack against most enimes and most enimes won't be able to use ghost attacks against you!


My Celebi is now at level 74. This is truly how you get it. What you do is defeat the Elite Four. Then trade an Ivysaur (MUST be an Ivysaur) that knows Cut from your Red/Blue game. Go to the shrine in Ilex Forest. Use Cut on the shrine. Then put Lugia at the front of your party ( it doesn't matter what level it is). Use Lugia's Fly to Fly to Mahogany Town. When you have done that, go to the Karate King in Mt. Mortar. Beat him and get Tyrogue. Evolve it into a Hitmontop. Breed Hitmontop with a Ditto and the result will be Tyrogue. Take this one to the shrine (with Lugia at the front remember) and use Cut again. Celebi comes floating out. It is at level 10 when you catch it and it isn't particularly difficult to catch.

Rainbow/Silver Wing

After defeating Team Rocket's attack on the radio station (deppending on wether your game is gold or silver) the manager will give you a rainbow/silver wing but where is the other one you ask? Well in the province of Kanto, Pewter City an old man standing next to the Mart will be there talk to him he will ramble on for a few seconds and eventually give you the other rainbow/silver wing.

Silver: Getting past the switches

When team rocket has taken over radio tower and you have to get past the switches, switch them all off. Then switch number 3 on then 2 on then 1 on and it should leave a path for you to get through.

The Easiest way to catch Entei, Suicune & Raikou

Catch a Gastly in 'Bellsprout Tower' train it untill it evolves into Haunter. Then train Haunter until He/She learns these attacks; Mean Look, Hypnosis, Lick & Night Shade. Now when you encounter Entei, Suicune and/or Raikou, no matter what level your haunter is always use Hypnosis, then Mean look. Then weaken it until it is almost knocked out. Put it to sleep again (unless it's already asleep) go mad throwing Ultraballs, Greatballs and any balls you have in your pack until you catch it. When the ball appears after you have thrown it Hold B+Up. keep doing this until you cat it/them.

A few hints

To get eggs from the daycare centre without hving to hunt down same type opposite genders. Just find a Ditto and leave it in the daycare centre with any pokemon male or female and they will have an egg after a quick round at indigo platau.

(this definitly works with female pokemon and I am sure it works with males) (I think it works with lugia and Ho-oh too)

to find the 3 dogs easily all you need do is search everywhere until you encounter one if it gets away its position will appear in your pokedex under area. when you manage to get there use attract and it will be easier to find.

(it frequently moves so keep checking your pokedex)

Silver: Get Aerodactyl

You only have 1 chance to get Aerodactyl: you need to get a Chansey, which is found on Routes 14, 15 and 16, and trade with a girl in the big patch of grass on Route 14. You will recieve Aerodactyl.

Silver: Element stones

In Cerulean Cape, bills dad will ask you to show him a pokemon. He will give you an element stone. You show him in this order:

1 lickitung - everstone
2 oddish - leaf stone
3 staryu - water stone
4 vulpix - fire stone
5 pichu - thunderstone

Silver: Swarms

You can get these peoples phone no' to find rare pokemon:

Fisherman Ralph - rte 32 - Qwilfsh
Hiker Anthony - rte 33 - Dunsparce
Bugcatcher Arnie - rte 35 - Yanma
Schoolboy Chad - rte 38 - Snubbull
Fisherman Wilton - rte 44 - Remoraid
Hiker Parry - rte 45 - Marill

Silver: The second metal coat

In the kanto region,( after fighting all the 8 gym leaders in Jotho) in the power plant, go inside, talk to a man that asks you to trade his magneton for your dugtrio. The fastest way to get dugtrio is to catch a diglett in the digett's cave. Then train that digett till level 26 ( best way: fight elite four, as your diglett is from level 2-8) Then go back to the power plant, and trade with that man.If you look in the stats of that magneton, the item, it is holding a metal coat( maybe it depends, I am not sure, but I got it)

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