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Cheat codes for Crash N Burn

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Crash 'N Burn Playing Tip
If you don't place in the top three finishers in the Tournament mode, select Quit rather than using a Continue. Then, return to your game, and reload your saved game. You'll get another chance without using a Continue. You don't get to keep the cash for kills you just earned, but you can repeat this trick as often as necessary until you reach the end of the game.

Crash 'N Burn Blackmarket
To get the best stuff in the game, save up a lot of money. eventually,after a race you will be approached by a man from the black market when you goto open one of the menus (laser menu, missile mine etc.) He will offer youcool stuff like a missile reflector or stealth cloak. Also, if you save upenough you can get a laser missile or mine that's better than the best you cannormally buy. finally, if you save up a ton of money he sometimes will evenoffer you a new car. The dragon, the best car he will sell you, has almostmaxed out performance in everything. If you save a lot and he doesn't appear,just save your game, reset and try again. sometimes he will appear theneven if he didn't appear before.

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