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Cheat codes for Indy 500

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Indy 500 Go Backwards
To race backwards press the zoom buttons while selecting the race course.

Indy 500 Activate all Cheats
After you insert your coin press and hold the brake and both zoom buttonsand then press start to select your course and your transmission. Do not release the brake and zoom buttons until the race starts. If you do this you will be running in the pace car, backward, mirrored, and with no enemies.

Indy 500 Sea Gull Attack
This code only works on the Highland raceway.
Start the race and then turn around and race backwards avoiding cars. Go through the tunnel and stop right outside. When the sea gull attacks you turn around quickly and drive the race. If done right you will have the sea gull following you the rest of the race, gut... YOU WILL LOSE.

Indy 500 Modify Motor
To get a more powerful engine, choose a manual transmission and a one-lap race. Once it has begun, immediately take a pit stop. Afterwards, as you emerge from pit lane you'll have a faster engine!
Note: This code only works for 1-Player games.

Indy 500 Drive Pace Car
To drive the Pace Car, select an automatic transmission and then hold the brake pedal and Start button down until the race begins.

Indy 500 Panoramic view
If you want to have a panoramic view press the zoom buttons together in when you are in outer zoom mode.

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