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Cheat codes for Quake II

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Quake II Secret Level (Unit 1, Level 3)
To reach the secret level, go to level 3 (in the first unit) and walk forward until you see a large pool. Two Light Guards and an Enforcer patrol the area. Kill them and grab the Re-breather that they protect, activating it by pressing the B button. Now wade into the pool and slither through the large crack in floor. (You will have to duck because you're too big to enter any other way.) Once you have crawled through the crack, search for a narrow tunnel. The tunnel will lead to a tiny oasis. And once there, push the Space Bar until you discover a small "secret" room. In the room, two bodies lie next to an elevator. Step over them and push the elevator button. You'll descend to a secret level!

Quake II Id Gallery (Unit 9)
To see pictures of Quake 2 staff, first defeat the final boss. Then search the grounds for a stress fracture that has formed during the struggle. Shoot the crumbling surface and enter the crawl space.

Quake II Secret Room behind Waterfall (Unit 5)
In the Receiving Center (Unit 5), go to the area where you see a waterfall. With a running start, jump over the ledge and into the falls! You should land in a small corridor.

Quake II Display console window
Press the tilde key [~] to display the console window.

Quake II Set crosshair
Type "crosshair #" at the console window, where # is a number between 1 and 5.

Quake II Restore health
Type "give health #" at the console window, where # is a number between 000 and 999. (Note: If you collect health items, your health will return to 100.)

Quake II Gain item(s)
Type "give object" at the console window, where object is the name of an attribute, item or class.

Quake II List of Objects
Use the following with the "Gain item" cheat.
All *adrenalineairstrike markerammoammo packancient headarmorbandolierBFGblasterblue keybody armorbulletscellschainguncommander's headcombat armordata cddata spinnerenvironment suitgrenadesgrenade launcherhealthinvulnerabilityjacket armormachinegunpower cubepower shieldpyramid keyrailgunrebreatherred keyrocketsrocket launchersecurity passshellsshotgunsilencerslugssuper shotgunweapons* May be combined with other cheats. (For example: "give all ammo" bestows maximum ammunition for current weapons.)

Quake II 4x damage
Type "quaddamage" at the console window.

Quake II Invincibility
Type "god" or "invulnerability" at the console window.

Quake II Select level
Enter "map code" at the console window, where code is the name of a level.
Map CodeOuter base base1.bspInstillation base2.bspCommunication Center base3.bspBig Gun biggun.bspInner Chamber boss1.bspFinal Showdown boss2.bspAmmo Depot bunk1.bspOuter Courts city1.bspLower Palace city2.bspUpper Palace city3.bspLaunch Command command.bspCooling Facility cool1.bspReceiving Center fact1.bspProcessing Plant fact2.bspSudden Death fact3.bspOuter Hanger hanger1.bspInner Hanger hanger2.bspMain Gate jail1.bspDestination Center jail2.bspSecurity Complex jail3.bspTorture Chambers jail4.bspGuard House jail5.bspResearch Lab lab.bspUpper Mines mine1.bspBorehole mine2.bspDrilling Area mine3.bspLower Mines mine4.bspMine Entrance mintro.bspPower Plant power1.bspThe Reactor power2.bspGrid Control security.bspCommunication Satellite space.bspOutlands strike.bspLost Station train.bspSupply Station ware1.bspWarehouse ware2.bspToxic Waste Dump waste1.bspPumping Station 1 waste2.bspPumping Station 2 waste3.bsp

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