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Become Harder to Kill

If you want to become harder to kill, master Damage>MP, change to a job that doesn't need MP, and master Double Sword (humans only).

Quick Reset

To reset while in the game, press A+B+START+SELECT.

Unlock Expert Missions

To unlock Expert Missions, beat the game once and save. When you start again, you will have a star next to your name.

Double Sword Skill

The Double Sword is an S skill that allows you to use 2 swords at a time. This is useful for learning skills becuase wearing 2 of the same weapon will double the amount of AP per battle you gain.


Ultima is the most powerful magic in the game. Once a character learns it, switch that character to a class with a weapon that has a long range like archer or gunner because Ultima's range is based off of what your weapon range is.

Characters With Medals

Certain enemies have small blue medals by their name. This makes them invulnerable to Law Effects, though they may get yellow cards, they will never get red cards.

Recruiting Units

When you have 5 or less members in your clan, Montblanc will put up Recruitment Missions. These are 5 day dispatch missions that will get you another unit. Each month gets you a different kind of unit.

Job Classes

In any tactical rpg the most important thing is to have a hard hitting party. To help get you started I have a few classes listed for each race.


Soldier- initial job class
Paladin- soldier attack ability x2
Fighter- soldier attack ability x2
Thief- initial job class
Ninja- Thief Attack ability x2
White Mage- initial job class
Black mage- initial job class
Archers- Initial job class
Hunter- Archer attack ability x2

Human Job Classes (complete)

soldier- initial class
thief- initial class
archer- initial class
white mage- initial class
black mage- initial class
paladin- 2x soldier a-abilities
fighter- 2x soldier a-abilities
ninja- 2x thief a-abilities
hunter- 2x archer a-abilities
illusionist- 3x white mage, 5x black mage a-abilities
blue mage- 1x black mage 1x white mage a-abilities

Additional semi secret characters

What makes these characters so special is that when they are obtained they join with some of the hardest hitting moves in the game I.E. Lini's Charge Ultima

Lini: Moogle Mog guard, Ultima Charge
Finish ANY mission successfully (be it Dispatch, Clan Turf, or Battle) with the mission item THE HERO GAOL set as one of the mission items you would like to bring along.

Eldena: Viera Barrier, Double Cast
Finish ANY mission successfully (be it Dispatch, Clan Turf, or Battle) with the mission item ELDA'S CUP set as one of the mission items you would like to bring along

Cheney: Human Capture, Ultima Shot
Finish ANY mission successfully (be it Dispatch, Clan Turf, or Battle) with the mission item SNAKE SHIELD set as one of the mission items you would like to bring along.

Pallanza: Bangaa Blitz, Ultima Sword
Finish ANY mission successfully (be it Dispatch, Clan Turf, or Battle) with the mission item WYRMSTONE set as one of the mission items you would like to bring along.

Quin: Nu Mou Giga Flare, Ultima Blow
Complete mission 063 - MISSING PROFESSOR. (This mission is located at the Tubola Caves)

Littlevilli: Viera Double Shot, Doom Archer
Complete mission 043 - CLAN LEAGUE. (This mission is located at Bervenia Palace) Littlevilli may offer to join your clan upon conclusion of the mission. To make mission 043 - Clan League available, you must complete Missions 40 through 42 (which become available after surviving against Llednar), read the rumour "Clan League Final", and complete the clan missions Yellow Powerz, Blue Geniuses, Brown Rabbits and White Kupos. (These are Reserve missions)

Hidden Characters

Shara: Viera
Finish "A Maiden's Cry" mission (which becomes available soon after the completion of the game). NOW GO STRAIGHT TO ANY TOWN! A cutscene will begin to play. After the cutscene, Shara should offer to join, if your party isn't full.

Ritz: Human/Viera job classes
Finish the mission called "Mortal Snow" (which becomes available soon after completion of the game). After it's done, Ritz should offer to join your clan.

Ezel: Nu Mou
Right before the end of the game (after Cid asks you to help with Ezel's new card), go to the Caodan Card Shop, and choose the option "Gossip". Ezel will say something about you being a mediator for negotiations between the palace
and the resistance. Then he will post up a mission in the pub, called "Reconciliation" (NOTE! If you haven't finished the first mission he gives you, you'll have to do that one first before you get "Reconcilation"). Complete it, and you should get Ezel.

Babus: Nu Mou
Finish the mission called "Left Behind" (which becomes available soon after completion of the game) then enter any town. A small cutscene will play, with Babus asking you to come along with him to Ambervale. After the cutscene, DO NOT LEAVE THE TOWN. Go straight to the pub, and select mission "With Babus". Once you've finished that mission, there'll be a scene where Marche asks Babus to be his friend. Halfway through the scene, Babus will offer to join. Voila! (NOTE! Immediately after the cutscene where Babus asks you to come along, you MUST go to the pub and select the mission "With Babus". If you wander around the map, the mission WILL disappear, never to return.)

Cid: Human
Clear each and every one of the 300 missions available in FFTA.

Viera Job Classes (complete)

Archer- initial class
White Mage- initial class
Fencer- initial class
Red Mage- 1x Fencer a-ability
Sniper- 2x Archer a-ability
Elementalist- 1x White Mage 1x Fencer a-abilities
Assassin- 1x Sniper 2x Elementalist a-abilities
Summoner- 2x White Mage 2x Elementalist a-abilities

Nu Mou Job Classes (complete)

Beast Master- initial class
Black Mage- initial class
White mage- initial class
Morpher- 5x beast master a-abilities
Illusionist- 3x White mage 5x Black mage a-abilities
Time mage- 5x Black mage a-abilities
Alchemist- 3x White Mage 5x Black mage a-abilities
Sage- 2x Beast Master 3x White Mage a-abilities

Moogle Job classes (complete)

Thief- initial job class
Animist- initial job class
Black Mage- initial job class
Mog Knight- 1x Animist a-ability
Gunner- 1x Animist a-ability
Juggler- 2x Thief a-abilities
Time mage- 5x Black mage a-abilities
Gadgeteer- 2x Thief a-abilities

Banga Job classes (complete)

White Monk- Initial class
Warrior- Initial class
Dragoon- 2x Warrior a-abilities
Defender- 2x Warrior a-abilities
Gladiator- 2x Warrior a-abilities
Templar- 2x White Monk a-abilities
Bishop- 2x White Monk a-abilities

Easy Nu Mou Level Up

What you first need to do is get a Nu Mou into an illusionist class. This Class is posted above. After he becomes an illusionist master the absorb MP ability ( lordly robe Negotiate Lv.45 I think) Then turn him into a time mage and master quicken and reflect. Cast reflect on an ally and then cast quicken. The quicken will bounce and hit you then youll get 10 exp. You can do this over and over till your desired level. Lv. 50 is attainable in about one to two hours.

Mission Help

If you are having trouble beating missions during the game, take some time to only do clan wars. You can get lots of judge points, along with tons of experience and money.

Using your time for easy level up

When in battle, if you plan to "Wait", don't! Use your time! If your character has an ability that raises defence, heals, or anything like that, just do it. It will allow your character to level up without wasting its turn. If your character however, doesn't have an ability that doesn't give damage to other people or something else, then you probably would use a potion or some item. But thy not to use items for exp.!

More Effective Treasure Hunts

The most effective Treasure Hunts are performed like this:

Best: Two of the same type of symbols (e.g. two forests) at the top of the circle and two of the same type of symbols (e.g. two mountains) placed on the bottom part of the circle on the world map, with another symbol in the middle (as the final symbol placed).

2nd Best: Four symbols in a circle with another placed in the middle (as the final symbol placed).

3rd best: Three symbols in a circle with another placed in the middle (as the final symbol placed)

Hunter's Ultima Weapon

During the mission "over the hill" when you fight against Ritz and her clan, use a thief with the steal weapon ability to steal Shara's weapon, called SeventhHeaven. Equip it to a Hunter and it will learn Ultima Shot.

Hint: Extra Experience

If you ever run into a gel-type creature called a flan and need a little exp, here is a tip. First kill off every other enemy on the field, and then surround the flan with your people. Use regular attacks on it, which will only do 1 damage, and if the enemy is of sufficient level, you'll gain a few levels while slowly killing it.

No Worry Battling

If your really fed up with laws, than try to lure your battles in "Jagd" places like Jagd Dorsa and Jagd Ahli. For example, say you had a mission that required you to defeat another clan (missions with the blue devil-like head logo), you could try to make them go to Jagd places where there is no laws. But make sure they go there plus you meeting them in the limited days for the mission(unless its an "unlimited days" mission). Now you can battle without worrying about getting yellow or even red cards!

Advantageous Battling

When your battling, sometimes you think you can use law cards as defense. Well you can. You can use law cards called "Dmg2: Human". There is also Dmg2:Bangaa, Dmg2: Nu Mou, Dmg2: Viera, and Dmg2: Moogle. When your battling, and you have a human on your side, and the opposite clan does not, you can use the Dmg2: Human law card. So when your opponent gives damage to your human, they will get a yellow card. If they do not have a medal beside their name, and they kill the human, they will get a red card. You can use this trick with a bangaa, viera, nu mou, or moogle also.

Gia flair and explode

On the game when you obtain babus and Quin you can see that the two moves Gia Flair and explode look similar and the do around the same damage(mine are both level 45)and the combine strength is imense so use them as a team.

Recruit Quin

To get Quin to join your clan, complete the "Missing Professor" mission. After the battle, Quin may ask to join your clan. Be sure you have room in your clan for Quin or you will miss the opportunity.

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